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Don’t Let Transport Drive Away With Your Finances

Don't Let Transport Drive Away With Your FinancesNothing beats saving money in places you didn’t think were possible. It’s a sure way to gain a sense of achievement. And, it applies to more areas than you may realize. In fact, if you put your mind to it, you can save money in any aspect. It’s all about having the know-how. As anywhere applies, it makes sense to look at the largest drains on your finances first. The primary costs in any family are rent, bills, and transport expenses. There’s plenty of information out there about how to lessen the impact of bills and rent. But, there’s less about how to reduce transport costs. So, we’re going to take a look at your options.


The majority of families need at least two vehicles to be comfortable. It’s the best way to an easy life. But, it’s not cheap. Upfront costs are enough to put anyone out of pocket. That’s why it’s often worth buying second-hand. There’s a huge market for second-hand car sales, and the majority of options are in top condition. Your children will be in this car, so you need to ensure it’s safe. Avoid buying from an individual. Instead, look out for one of the many used car showrooms available. These will help you rest assured that you’re buying a car you can trust. And, they still save you money!    


Insurance is, in many ways, as painful as the upfront cost of your car. It can become a significant drain on your monthly finances. The good news is, shopping around and comparing companies could bring prices down in a major way. Never opt for the first company to give you a quote. It’s often worth playing prices against each other and seeing where it gets you. The chances are, companies will be able to offer you a much cheaper deal than first suggested.


It’s also worth considering whether you need two cars. For family ease of comfort, you’ll need at least one spacious transport method. But, your second vehicle may not have to be a car at all. Getting a scooter or motorbike instead could save you a great deal of money. The upfront costs are less, and the running costs are better too. Or, you might be able to do things even cheaper and get a bike instead. Cycling will do you good, and save you a heap!


When you have a car in the driveway, it’s easy to get into the habit of hopping in for the smallest errands. But, the fuel costs of this will soon add up. Instead of driving, consider whether you could walk to the shops. Once you’re in the habit of stopping and considering whether you need to get in the car, you’ll often find that you don’t. And, after you’ve been doing this for a while, you won’t even reach for your car keys when you don’t need them anymore.  

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