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Does Your Car Actually Need a Warranty?

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I remember the excitement of purchasing our first car as a young family, it was just me, my husband and our oldest daughter Skye and she was just a few years old at the time. Such an exciting and proud time in our lives, but was a bit scary and overwhelming. If you have purchased a car before then you know one of the final steps is discussing a warranty for your new vehicle. Being very young at the time I felt that my husband and I were very naïve and easily persuaded into purchasing the warranty. The car dealership made this seem like their option was absolutely essential and we were crazy for not buying it.  So we did what any young couple who was petrified of a large unexpected car expense… we purchased the ridiculously overpriced warranty. The warranty that never seemed to cover what our car actually needed maintenance on over the years and ultimately we never got our money’s worth. Many years have passed and several new vehicles have been purchased over the decades, but my husband and I cringe to this day when the dealer brings up the warranty. That one experience in my early adulthood had deterred me from even considering any other warranty offers.

In the past two years we have purchased two new vehicles and did not even entertain the idea of getting the warranty when the dealer asked. Our family has been doing a lot of road trips lately and just last week, we put many miles on our vehicles exploring the remote fishing areas of northern Georgia. With all of this extra long range driving, it got me thinking about what would we do if something happened to one of the vehicles and needed repairs? Is there any worse feeling than bringing a car to the shop and being told it is going to cost a ton to get it back on the road? Life happens and no matter how well you maintain a vehicle… things happen and it is always best to be prepared.

I recently discovered,

they are the first of its kind when it comes to worry free car care and they offer the lowest cost vehicle repair protection. The founder of this company has a similar experience as my own when purchasing a vehicle and being sold an overpriced warranty. This experience inspired him to create an affordable option and eliminate pushy salespeople, you simply sign up and get your quote online! This company helps car owners to reduce the financial burden when it comes to owning a car and this is certainly a time when many people would consider it catastrophic if they were hit with a hefty car expense. 

What stood out to me most is that modernizes the car ownership experience by offering great coverage for a nominal price, one that can be affordable. Also, many of the car warranties that car dealerships sell you don’t even offer full coverage and are complete rip offs. 

The reason can offer such affordable pricing is that they cut out the middleman and then pass the savings on to their customers. You can also choose the plan that is best for you and they offer complete transparency when it comes to their packages. Your jaw may hit the floor when you read this… Plans with start at just $3.99 per month… yes you read that right! There is not much out there that offers you such reassurance at a price that small… this is truly affordable for all!

With the holidays coming up and the other added expenses that come along with winter, there are not many of us that would be thrilled to add a car repair bill to the list. If you visit right now you won’t be bombarded with sales tactics, you are going to get a transparent quote in 3 minutes. No pressure. Just the facts. If you decide to sign up for one of their affordable plans, they are offering my fans 15% off at check out. Let me know in the comment section below if you gave the website a look and what package you are considering!

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