Do Your Kids Hate Bedtime? Try These Hacks

Bedtime is always a struggle in homes with kids. Parents are stressed, kids are cranky, and everyone is at the end of their rope.

Even when the kids finally make it under the covers, they seldom stay there.

If you feel like bedtime is a daily battle that destroys your nerves, you need to make a change. Healthy sleep habits are essential for any functioning household, and not just for your little ones. If you’re going to bed stressed every night, you won’t get the rest you need either.

We tried out a few of these bedtime hacks to get kids to go to sleep quicker and stay in bed. They really work!

Give them a try tonight for better sleep and a happier home.

A Hypnotic NightlightDo Your Kids Hate Bedtime? Try These Hacks

Kids love their nightlights, but they don’t do much to put them to sleep. If anything, nightlights keep kids up longer.

But not all of them.

Invest in a nightlight that puts your kids to sleep and you won’t hear those feet pitter-pattering out of bed ever again.

That’s what happened when we got Gravita, the levitating lamp.

Gravita is a nightlight and desk lamp that levitates in mid-air. It’s powered by wireless electricity and electromagnets, and it’s safe for kids’ rooms or any other room in the house.

Gravita grabs kids’ attention right away. I mean, how couldn’t it? It levitates in mid-air. It’s basically the coolest thing any kid has ever seen.

It’s NEVER been easier to get kids to head to their rooms than by goading them with Gravita. We’ve made it a bedtime tradition to set the levitating bulb in mid-air and watch it hover. It easily distracts them from their tablets and YouTube shows and gets them in their jammies quick.

And here’s the best part: Gravita’s warm light was designed to relax the body and help you sleep. The light temperature was calibrated using color temperature theory. This theory states that you can affect the mood with light tones.

Gravita’s glow is a bit more intense than candlelight, making it ideal for kids’ rooms. And it works fast. You can practically watch as your kids’ eyes fall shut while they stare at Gravita’s bulb spinning in the air.

If you want to take your evenings back from endless bedtime arguments, get this nightlight!

Now is the best time to do it, too. You can get 50% off a new Gravita if you pre-order now. This new design is even better than before. The new lamp has a built-in wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker as well as a bunch of safety features for families.

Hack their RoutineDo Your Kids Hate Bedtime? Try These Hacks

We’ve all tried the bedtime routine runaround. Does it really work? Not really. Kids are just too cranky at night to go along with the routine even if you’ve done it exactly right for weeks. They always put up a fuss at bedtime.

Unless you hack their routine to make them want to go to bed.

These are our favorite routine hacks:

  • Sing a song: A bedtime song is a great way to prepare younger kids for bed. They love to sing it, and you can teach them motions to go with each verse, such as turning off the TV, going to their room, and saying goodnight to plush animals.
  • Pavlov’s dog: Pavlov, a scientist, rang a bell every time he fed his dog. Soon, his dog would salivate whenever he rang the bell even if there was no food nearby. You can do this too. Repeat a simple action or sound 5 minutes before you tell your kids to go to bed. Soon, this association will make them more receptive to your message.
  • Put older kids in charge: Older kids can lead the opposition or become an ally. It’s up to you! Put older kids in charge of putting younger ones to bed, and reward them with some extra time up.
  • A false compromise: This only works with kids who fall asleep quickly. Tell them they can stay up longer, but they need to lay in bed for 10 minutes first. Usually, they’re out like a light within 5.

Nix the Blue LightDo Your Kids Hate Bedtime? Try These Hacks

Blue light emitted from TVs, computers, tablets, and phones messes with our internal clock and keeps us up at night. This goes for children and adults, but it’s particularly harmful to children. Too much blue light can even damage their vision.

Blue light affects your kids’ bodies on a hormonal level. Too much exposure will actually inhibit the production of melatonin in their bodies—the hormone that makes us feel tired. When this happens, they won’t feel tired even if their bodies and minds need to unwind.

 Limiting screen time before bed is crucial. Take phones and tablets away at least 2 hours before bed, and turn off the TV 30 minutes before sleep.

In place of screens, you can play a board game as a family or encourage your kids to read a book. It might be tough at first, but it’s a habit that sticks!

Have a Healthy Snack

Kids love a snack before bedtime. The problem is, sugary snacks will make them hyper and keep them up. Instead, try snacks that are heavier on carbs and ingredients that boost melatonin levels. These include:

  • Oatmeal: It’s a big melatonin booster, and you can add fresh fruit or brown sugar to make it tasty.
  • Fresh berries: Berries like cherries and strawberries increase melatonin levels while satisfying your sweet tooth!
  • Turkey cold cuts on crackers: Turkey contains the sleep-inducing tryptophan. When you combine the carbs from crackers, this snack is guaranteed to make kids snooze.

Make sure snack time is a part of the routine, too. Always have something ready, but make the kids give something up in order to get their snack. This might be a good trade for turning off screens or putting on PJs.

A Sleepy Home is a Happy HomeDo Your Kids Hate Bedtime? Try These Hacks

If your family is fighting over bedtime on a daily basis, it’s time to make a change. A few simple hacks can make a world of a difference, ensuring better sleep and a better mood for everyone under your roof.

Developing a hack-filled routine is an absolute must, but it can take some time. In the meantime, we recommend picking up Gravita, the levitating nightlight. It puts kids to sleep in minutes, and it’s a great incentive for them to head to bed. 

Pre-order your Gravita now and take 50% off the retail price!

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