7 Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins Every Parent Secretly Wants

Has someone in your life recently had twins, or are twins on the way? It’s time to plan out that perfect gift for the new twin-parents in your life.

But what should you buy? Shopping for babies is a lot of fun, but are there extra things to consider for twins? Twins are a rarity and they can be harder to care for, so you want to get this right and give the perfect gift!

We want to give you some ideas to make shopping easy. Keep reading for some of the top gift ideas for newborn twins that the new parents either secretly want, or don’t even know that they want yet!

  1. Diapers

Let’s get this one out of the way. Diapers are expensive. While this is true for all newborns, twins are going through double the diapers and parents are footing the bill. 

Diapers are never a bad gift. Make sure you know the appropriate size (sometimes twins are born smaller) and help these newborn parents start their stockpile. Diapers are some of the best gifts for newborn twins that no one will turn down.

You have options. Traditional disposable diapers are the most popular and they’ll be easiest on the parents. If you know that the parents like to go the more natural route, consider buying a few cloth diapers as well.

While these may be too overwhelming for newborns, especially at first, some parents love the ability to wash and reuse diapers. They also come in many fun patterns and styles. 

  1. High-Tech Monitors

Gone are the days where baby monitors were glorified walky-talkies. Now, they’re smart devices that can trace a baby’s every move. 

Some devices, like the Babysense baby monitors, include breathing monitors as well as video monitors so the new parents can keep track of the twins at all times. 

New parents are often anxious about the condition of their babies when they’re not in sight. That’s normal. Give them peace of mind by providing them with a full-time video view of their new children.  

  1. Matching Swaddles

It isn’t always advisable to buy clothes for new babies. Sizes vary and not all parents of twins are interested in their babies matching full-time; it’s a personal preference.

Swaddles, however, are great gifts for any new parent.

Any blanket can be a swaddle, but pre-made swaddles are easier to use for newbies who haven’t yet figured out how best to wrap their new little bundles to soothe them. 

Swaddling a baby keeps it feeling safe and secure, helping it fall asleep more easily (and letting the parents rest for a few minutes!). 

Matching swaddles don’t have to be identical. Getting similar colors or patterns that match the nursery is a great way to have a cute and matchy gift that still gives each baby its own individuality. 

  1. Double Strollers

Double the babies, double the stroller space. 

Taking a walk with a baby is a good way to get exercise, calm the baby down, and socialize the baby when it’s old enough. A single stroller isn’t going to cut it though.

Double strollers can be pricey, so it’s good to take some of this burden off of the new parents. Some strollers grow with the children, moving from a more bassinette style to something that toddlers can sit in. 

These ones are great because parents don’t have to buy another stroller in the future, but they may be more expensive. Consider all of your options and don’t be afraid to ask the new parents about what they want from a stroller. 

  1. Nursing Pillows

If the new parent is nursing the twins they’re going to have a hard time finding balance. Nursing one baby is hard enough!

To keep everyone comfortable, get the new parents a nursing pillow. These pillows help support the parents and the babies and allow for easier double feeding. Twins, conveniently, are often hungry at the same time

Eventually, the new twin parents will get the hang of things, but the pillow will be there to support them in the meantime. 

  1. Time Off for Mom & Dad

One of the best gifts that you can give new parents of twins is a break. We suggest getting a gift card to their favorite restaurant and offering your babysitting services to them for a night in the future. 

They might not think that they need it now, but they’ll need it eventually and you’ll be there. Parenting is exhausting. Being a new parent to two newborns is a whole other level. 

  1. Bouncer and Rocker Seats

One of the hardest things about having twin babies is making sure that they’re both happy at the same time. Often, when one baby is being held, the other also wants to be held.

When one parent is home alone, this can be problematic. Sure you can hold two happy babies, but two crying and squirming babies? That’s harder. 

Adding bouncing and rocking baby seats to the mix helps a lot. While it isn’t the same as a parent’s embrace, it’s enough to soothe a baby until it’s their turn. 

Gentle rocking seats for newborns often play quiet music and rock gently back and forth to lull a baby to sleep. They’re secure and feel similar to a parent’s arms. Older babies benefit from the bouncing seats. They strengthen the baby’s legs and they’re fun to bop around in, making a great distraction for the babies.

We Love These Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins

There are so many potential gift ideas for newborn twins, but these are our favorites. Whether you’re looking for something totally functional, like diapers, or you’re interested in something extra like swaddles, there’s a gift on this list that the new parent in your life will love. 

Make the new twin parent in your life feel supported.

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