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DIY Home Renovation Ideas

Are you bored with the way your home looks and need some DIY inspiration? A frugal mother myself, I’m always looking for ways to spice up my home without breaking the bank. There are many simple ways to do that and as managecentralfloridaproperty.com suggests it can even be fun. Here are some ways you can change things up in your home without spending too much money.  

Let’s get started!   

Organize Your Closet 

One of the best places to begin is your bedroom closet. Being organized and clutterfree frees the mind and helps you unwind after a long day! Instead of shutting the clutter away in your closet, use the mountains of clothes as inspiration to organize it.  

We are talking about using bins, shoe storage options, among other similar organization tools. Installing a smart organization system will make you feel great when you open that closet door in the morning. Sometimes all it takes is folding your clothes the right way to create some extra space in your closet. Get creative and create a system that works for you. 

Play with Cabinet Colors  

Occasionally, you want to change up the color of your kitchen cabinets. This can make such a huge difference in your kitchens overall aesthetic. We suggest adding some dimension to them by painting the lower part of the cabinets one shade and the upper a different color that’s complementary. The 2 tones will create depth and dimension.  

A quick side note, if you find that you have a real talent for building things, perhaps investigate offering your services to the community. If your spouse, for instance, is a handyman, encourage him to obtain a contractor’s license. This will increase both his credibility with clients and earning potential. This is a great start-up business to begin earning some side income, no matter what state you live in, whether Tennessee or MontanaVisit https://contractortrainingcenter.com/ to learn more about this process.  

Give Your Hardware a Make Over  

We are referring to the knobs and drawer handles in your home. Replacing your hardware is quite easy and a great way to express yourself as it reflects personality and style. Some people like more modern hardware while others enjoy antique looks. Giving hardware a makeover can be as simple as spray painting them a different color 

Being on the subject of antique décor, cabinets are easy to distress or give that “aged” look. You can do this by removing all hardware, sanding down the existing finish, filling in all crevices with a dark finish, and then painting on the main color. Of course, it’s a bit more complex than this. However, we just want to give you an idea of how simple and fun distressing existing furniture can be! 


Lights are great accessories to use all around your house. We strongly recommend you invest in some track lighting that will let you navigate around the house safely. This is also important if you have children as lights enable them to be walk safely from one room to the other. 

Being on the subject of lighting, consider cabinet lighting especially within your kitchen. This will add amazing light and make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention you’ll be able to snap some amazing food pictures for your Instagram with this high-quality lighting!  

Outdoor Accessories  

 Spruce up your walkway with defined, elegant stones. This project only takes a few hours and is one you can complete with your kids! A stone walkway is an inexpensive way to add sophistication to your outdoor space.   Also, consider outdoor décors like a small fountain or fire pit. We promise these small changes will add some life to your outdoor area!  We hope these ideas have served as inspiration for your remodeling project! Best of luck and let us know about the outcome! 

Home Renovation Ideas You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

While there are multiple DIY home renovation ideas you can take advantage of, there are some you shouldn’t. That’s particularly the case if you’re unskilled in particular areas.

In many of these cases, it’ll be much better recommended that you get electrical repair services or something similar. These types of renovations will typically have some sort of risk involved.

While any kind of electrical repairs should be avoided, there are several other home renovations and improvements you shouldn’t do yourself.

The largest of these are:

  • Major basement renovations, such as build-outs.
  • Plumbing work, which could put you in danger when done wrong.
  • Structural work, as this is what keeps your home standing. If done incorrectly, the entire building could be in danger.
  • Gas appliances, as gas could pose a health risk. That’s the case when appliances are being installed, alongside when they’re being repaired.

It’s best to hire a professional to manage each of the above. While they’ll come at a cost, the job will be much better done.

Not only will you not have to worry about hurting yourself when you’re doing them, but the work should be done to a much higher standard.

The repairs and renovations shouldn’t fail anytime soon. That’ll let you relax knowing that you wouldn’t need to repair or maintain them anytime soon.

That alone should be more than worth the cost.

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  1. One of the most common remodeling jobs is roof replacement. Other projects include replacement of siding, storm doors and windows, and insulation. All of these enhancements add to the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home.

  2. Wow, I love your idea to create built-in shelving and add in those critical accessories to help make your home look incredible. About a week ago, I moved into a new home. It is in the perfect location and has good bones, but it needs some remodeling. I will have to look into great decor like beautiful indoor candle lanterns that can help give my home that incredible design.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Also, before you start your renovation project, you need to get a building permit. But no permits are required for relatively minor renovations 🙂

  4. I really hope you can keep up the good work and continue to provide us with such excellent resources. Your site was very enjoyable for me to explore, I found your info so helpful!

  5. All of those are incredibly practical and simple DIY remodeling ideas that will not cost you much money and will result in a lot better-looking home!

  6. An electrician should be licensed and carry valid insurance. Verify that both are active and in good standing before starting a job. Damage done can be severe with improper wiring so this is very important.

  7. I followed all the renovating ideas you shared, and I must say that it’s a convenient and helpful checklist to prepare myself before renovating my home. Thanks for sharing these ideas which make my own home more beautiful.

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