Discovering Your Ideal Workout Will Lead To Success!

About seven months ago my husband and I decided to start going back to the gym and signed up for a membership. Getting back into the groove of working out was definitely a challenge and it took my some time to try and figure out where I was most efficient. I waisted so much time on either machines or equipment that I simply hated and found that I was lazy or just not into the workout. When I finally started stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new equipment, I was finally able to discover which workout stations were meant for me… and thus I was getting in much better work outs each time! I have come to the conclusion based on personal experience that I believe knowing your workout type is so incredibly important if you are dedicated to getting a good workout in every time!

For the longest time when I would arrive at the gym I had it in my mind that the bike or treadmill was a staple in every workout. So very reluctantly I would hop onto the treadmill, spending every minute checking the timer and waiting for it to be over. I would end up spending about 30 minutes bored out of my mind and not putting all of my effort into working out. Then at the end of the week I would be frustrated that I wasn’t seeing any results despite all the time I was spending at the gym. What I didn’t realize at the time that doing workouts that you enjoy can help you create and sustainable routine that you actually enjoy. Once I got it out of my head that the treadmill just wasn’t for me, I started discovering equipment that I did love and was really looking forward to my workouts! Only then did I start seeing the results I wanted because I was actually putting effort into my workouts. There is no doubt about it that when I started to familiarize myself with the workout types that were for me… I started to succeed!

Finding a gym that suits you can be a whole task on it’s own, especially when there are so many different options out there. The YMCA is most notably known for their gym facility and a great place to sign up if you have kids. Finding a trusted gym that I could work out at while having kids can be challenging, so I suggest looking into your local YMCA.

If you find yourself dreading your workouts and not putting in the time and effort that is needed to see results… then you are doing the wrong workouts! Ever since I figured out that cardio isn’t for me and that I loved all machines that involved lifting weights… that is when I started loving my workout. You would not believe what a different it makes in your workout when you actually enjoy it. Make sure that you take this simple and fun what workout type are youquiz which will help you discover your ideal workout type so you can start doing what you love!


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