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Discover Organic, Non-GMO & Healthy Products With BerryCart

A special thanks to BerryCart for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their service for free in exchange for an honest review!

Discover Organic, Non-GMO & Healthy Products With BerryCart

Just one walk around the organic food aisle at your local grocery store and you will immediately begin to notice the prices are marker significantly higher than non-organic foods. I try my best to budget the grocery bill so that I am able to provide as much natural, organic and healthy snacks for my family. However, I am also very frugal and dislike wasting food. The last thing I want it to pay a bunch of money for some organic snacks that my family just hates. That is where a subscription box such as BerryCart becomes incredible convenient! Why you ask? Because each month you are paying a single fee to have a box full of organic, natural and healthy snacks to sample with your family. If you don’t like something… that’s OK because you are not wasting an entire box! This is such a fin and exciting way to try new foods without breaking the bank. My kids were so excited to get their hands on this box and it was such a treat for them to be able to test out all these delicious snacks.

Discover Organic, Non-GMO & Healthy Products With BerryCart

I was surprised to find that the bean & rice chips were in a full size back, plenty to go around and for everyone to try out. Each and every single one of us loves them, defiantly something I will purchase again.

Discover Organic, Non-GMO & Healthy Products With BerryCart

The white cheddar Is Chips were a huge hit with my 8 month old baby girl, they were so light, fluffy and flavorful… she just couldn’t get enough! I can certainly seeing us substitute unhealthy foods for these and I was so thrilled to have been introduced to a product that I may not have purchased. on my own.

Discover Organic, Non-GMO & Healthy Products With BerryCart

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my two older children found a great interest in the quinoa clusters. I was almost positive they would not like them because of the seeds, but they were not phased by that at all and devoured the bag in no time. I managed to get a few before they consumed them all and I was equally impressed! Yet another product I would not have purchased if I had seen it in the store, but will love to start buying these for the kids now!

Discover Organic, Non-GMO & Healthy Products With BerryCart

I was excited to find a whole bunch of Stevia packs included in my BerryCart subscription box! This is a product that I already know and love… I us it in my coffee and even use it to make our family’s toothpaste. This is such a healthy alternative to pure sugar and sugar substitute when it comes to coffee and tea! The chocolate snakaroons were a favorite of mine, as well as my four year old son. We found that these were the perfect combination of chocolate and coconut, a perfect alternative to such unhealthy treats like donuts and cookies. My ultimate favorite snack would have to be the ranch flavored peas! I have never tried these before and can not wait to go grocery shopping and pick up some more. I would have never even thought to buy these and that is the very reason why I am so in love with subscription boxes! The final three products were also incredible good, not a single complaint. I am actually not unsatisfied with anything that came in the BerryCart box, they did a fabulous job including some flavorful and appetizing snacks. The whole experience of receiving the box, opening it up with my family and trying out a box full of new healthy snacks was so wonderful, I am very pleased with BerryCart!


“In a nutshell, BerryCart is a new monthly subscription box that will allow people to try 9-10 organic, non-GMO, and all-around healthy products.  There are few things that make the BerryCart box unique. First, there will be a lot more full-size products (min 4/box) than other “sample” boxes like a Conscious Box.  Also, when a box subscriber finds a product they like, they can use the BerryCart mobile app to get a cashback rebate on it when they buy it in the store. This makes the BerryCart Box an even better deal!”

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