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Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts

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Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

Mother’s Day is kind of a big deal to me, my mother is one of the most important people in my life and I personally believe she deserves more than just a generic card and some chocolates. She is a sentimental lady and finds homemade gifts far more of a treasure than if I were to spend three times as much on a name brand product. There are several items she always asks for when holidays arise and bath products and fragrance items are always on that list. This year I decided to up my game when Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift and fell in love with the idea of DIY Relaxation Bath Salts. I was amazed at how simple and fun this was to create, plus it paired perfectly with some perfume that I just know she is going to be pleased with!

So lets take a look at everything you will need to create your bath salts… the list is pretty small and the products are easy to find, you may already have everything you need to start this project. I found an epsom salt that was already mixed with lavender, but you are welcome to just use the regular kind (however the lavender is amazing and adds the perfect aroma.)

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom


  • 1 Cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1 Tbsp of Baking Soda
  • 3 Drops of Essential Oil (Relax)
  • Food Coloring
  • Mason Jars and/or and glass containers of choice

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

Mix all of your dry ingredients into a bowl, then proceed to add the drops of essential oil. The amount of food coloring depends on the coloring you are going for. I used one cap full of food coloring to achieve this beautiful shade of purple, I thought it came out really nice! Mix well, making sure to break up and baking soda clumps and evenly distributing the food coloring. You may notice that it will clump, but trust me, keep stirring and breaking up the clumps because it will eventually mix evenly.

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

Your final step is to place it in a glass container of choice, there are so many different styles to choose from! If you are feeling really crafty then go ahead and add some ribbon or twine to the container. I was so pleased with how the bath salt turned out and the amazing aroma that it contains. Just sitting in the bowl in my kitchen… my entire upstairs was filled with that relaxing, refreshing and pleasant aroma… just imagine how perfect that will be in a bath!

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

My mother is a really big fan of perfume and body sprays and it’s kind of tradition for my sisters and I to gift them to her. I thought a perfume bottle would pair wonderfully with the bath salts I had created for her.


Walmart has seriously been my go to place for all of my bath and beauty supplies… I mean, have you seen their impressive selection lately? I had never realized the huge variety of perfumes they had available until recently and my daughter and I actually picked a few out for ourselves. For Mother’s day I thought the Love2Love collection was perfect for my mom! Not only were they affordable indulgence, but they also have perfumes in beautiful bottles adorned with a whimsical petal shaped cap. You see perfumes comparable to this that are 3-4 times the price and are of equal quality, you are truly getting a spectacular deal here!

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

Love2Love captures love and joy; the ingredients tell the story: check out the elegant scents Love2Love has to offer in this amazing collection of fragrances.

  • Fresh Rose + Peach = joyful, optimistic, the essence of natural comfort
  • Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa = carefree, invigorating and energetic; like the first day of Spring
  • Bluebell + White Tea = captivating, radiant, delicately feminine; the tranquility and ease of Sunday morning
  • Freesia + Violet Petals = elegant, alluring, and timeless; like the perfect effortless sun dress

 Bluebell + White Tea Fragrance which will be available on May 1st! Keep an eye out at your local Walmart for a special end cap that will feature the exciting new Love2Love Fragrance and the $.50 Love2Love gift bag! 

Coty Endcap Display 2


Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

Gifts from the heart are truly what my mother loves and enjoys most from me and it isn’t about the amount of money I spent. Knowing that I created from scratch something that she will enjoy, while gifting her a product that she always looks forward to receiving, makes me so happy! I have a beautiful and amazing momma that deserves a little extra recognition on this special day… plus an excuse to relax and spoil herself!

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

What Love2Love fragrance would be your mom’s favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Creating the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts #L2LMom

21 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: DIY Relaxation Bath Salts

  1. well I’m not sure if I left a comment or not cuz I cannot see the comments, but just to say I don’t buy mother’s day gifts anymore I only get them & on mother’s day I only buy flowers. So give your mama an extra hug from me if you would cuz I miss mine so very much. thanks.

  2. ahhhhhh add a bottle of bubbly and this really would be the dream Mother’s Day gift!!! Nothing better than a nice relaxing bath that’s for sure!!!

  3. Love this! I love DIY bath salts. Some of the best I’ve ever tried. I will have to try this kind. What a lovely relaxing treat! I love my bubble baths so bath salts are also a fave!

  4. This is an awesome post indeed. I would love to make these for my mom and sisters for Mother’s Day. This is something the kids could help me with too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is a great post! I never knew you could make this at home. I’m heading to Walmart to pick up my supplies. Can’t wait to try this.

  6. Oohhh!! I’m absolutely addicted to to DIY body treatments lately, I can’t wait to try this!! It really would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift–especially when paired with the amazing Love2Love gifts! Pretty sure I know what I’m asking for, for Mother’s Day now 😉 #client

  7. Definitely a great Mother’s Day present! 🙂 I didn’t really know it could be a DIY. Thank you!

  8. How do you get a scent that goes with the cologne? I’ve never bought oils so have no idea about scents or best place to get them. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. I especially like this since I made bath salts using glycerin, DIY bath salts are inexpensive to make. Thanks for sharing.

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