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Diaper Alert: Check Your Favorite Retailer for New Lower Luvs Prices!

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Diaper Alert: Check Your Favorite Retailer for New Lower Luvs Prices!

As a mother of three there is nothing I love more than finding ways to save money! I just recently discovered that I brand of diapers that I know very well and love is now cheaper than before… as if their prices could get any better! When you’re an experienced mom such as myself, you learn not to trust a product just because it costs more, you trust that it works. What has always made me fond of this the Luvs brand is that despite their cheaper prices, they do not compromise on quality. Luvs brand of diapers are a great value and provide quality leak protection, with NightLock Plus that locks away wetness faster than Huggies Snug & Dry. There is really no point in paying more when you get the same quality! Luvs gives your baby the protection they need and is easy on your wallet. So make sure to check out your favorite retailer for new lower prices!

Are you a Luvs mom? Find out down below!


About The Luvs Mom:

  • She is confident. She trusts her instincts and doesn’t sway in the face of external pressures to be a perfect mom. She makes no apologies.
  • She’s the wing mom, savvy and unfiltered.
  • She has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. She knows she’ll make mistakes and is now more apt to laugh than cry.
  • She’s always honest and authentic. She’s not ashamed to admit that sometimes it’s not always pretty, but she’s figured out what works for her and her baby – and she’s not afraid to admit it.
  • She exists in a no judgement zone. With time and experience, she’s figured out that there’s no such thing as perfect parenting. Loving her kids and getting by in a way that works for her is all that matters.

And remember…

Diaper Alert: Check Your Favorite Retailer for New Lower Luvs Prices!

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