Dental Implants: How Can They Help You Feel More Confident?

Thanks to advancements in dental care, tooth loss no longer needs to be the debilitating event it used to be. There are still plenty of people across the country suffering from tooth loss, usually due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or an injury, but there are great advancements in treatment that mean you don’t need to live with a gap in your teeth.

The most effective treatment is a dental implant, which has a lot of advancements over bridges and dentures. Keep reading to find out the advancements in dental implants and how they can help you smile wider.

What are dental implants?

Where bridges and dentures tend to cover the space in your teeth left by tooth loss, a dental implant can fix an artificial tooth with a rod inserted into the jaw and fused to your bone. Dental implants offer a replacement for the root of the tooth, offering a more secure fixing for a tooth to be attached to, thereby offering a more effective use in eating or speaking.

The process is different for every patient. Your dentist will create a treatment plan personalized to you and then place the implant. A small post made of titanium will be placed into the socket of your missing tooth. Your jawbone will heal and grow around it, creating a metal post securely anchored to the jaw for an artificial crown to be attached to.

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How will they help with confidence?

Replacing a lost tooth will help repair any confidence lost with the tooth. A dentist will aim to replace your tooth with a crown that looks and feels like your own teeth, so no one should notice, not even you. A lost tooth can lead to you slurring or mumbling your words, so replacing it will solve any speech problems. Eating will also be easier as a denture or bridge that doesn’t fit well has a habit of moving around the mouth while you chew.

You will also enjoy better oral health since maintenance of your dental implant is as simple as your regular dental routine. Without the need to remove your dentures while you eat or sleep, there will be nothing added to your routine of brushing, flossing, rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash and regular dental check-ups. A tooth-supported bridge will also require reducing the teeth around it, but a dental implant won’t alter nearby teeth, so they will be easier to clean since they allow easier access between teeth for you to brush and floss.

Is there any pain?

There is very little pain in getting a dental implant. Most people who get them have reported very little discomfort, less than going through a tooth extraction. There is local anesthesia available if you need it. Still, most patients say it is less painful than a tooth extraction, and mild pain after the procedure can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers.

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