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Decaleco Wall Decals Review

A special thanks to Decaleco Wall Decals for providing me with a free product for reviewing purposes!

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About Decaleco Wall Decals

“Decaleco removable wall decals are a new and affordable way to decorate and personalize your home and office interiors. Our vinyl wall decals are not the regular wall stickers (sometimes called wall clings or wall stencils) that you find in any supermarket. Our wall decals do not have clear contour around the designs and they are not printed; and therefore they look just like paint on your wall. All of Decaleco removable wall decals are cut directly from high quality color rolls and multiple colored decals are layered by hand. Because our wall decals are handmade upon request, we can custom the size and color or even the existing designs to suit your needs.”

“We offer a large selection of removable wall decals that ranges from Keezy the Monkey (our mascot) to bird cages to beautiful tree decals. Our design collection also includes creative illusion wall quotes, pattern designs, silhouettes and wall borders. If you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work out something for you.”

My Review

 Plain white walls are not something you will see around my home, as I love to brighten a room up the best I can! We have attempted to decorate my daughters room with wall decals that we purchased at various stores, but they have never lasted (the heat and humidity always causes curling.) So with the bad experiences I have had with wall decals in my daughter’s room, I decided against doing anything like that to the rest of the home. I recently discovered Decaleco Wall Decals and was very intrigued by their product. Had a truly discovered a wall decal that wouldn’t fall from my walls after only being up for a short time? There were so many beautiful decals to choose from and it took me a good amount of time to narrow it down to only one! The Set of 2 Roses Branches seemed like the perfect decal to give my living room that special touch and I couldn’t wait to add them to my walls! I put them on my walls the moment they came in the mail! I was excited to see that applying it would not only be simple, but there was also little room to make any errors! The wall decals go on a lot like how you apply a temporary tattoo. You simply remove the backing from the decal, stick the decal onto the wall, use a credit card to smooth it out and then pull the final backing off.

See the picture below for a visual demonstration:


 Doesn’t it look simply elegant! This beautiful wall decal displays so naturally and gives the room a cozy feel. They have been applied to my wall for a few weeks now, in an area where the heater sits and the decals have shown no signs of peeling away from the wall. I am in love with this brand of wall decals and am completely satisfied with my entire experience!


More Wall Decals available at Decaleco Wall Decals

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36 thoughts on “Decaleco Wall Decals Review

  1. OMG I love these! I am going to see if they have any teal/brown retro owls cause that is what I am doing my living room in 🙂

  2. I think that these wall decals are especially pretty and practical because it would be a lot easier to remove the decals then repaint the entire home, and with the decals you can make your home personal to your tastes and designs. THey do have a lot of different and pretty products to choose from.

  3. I Love Decals on the walls. I think they are Beautiful Your Roses are Georgeous..I Can’t use decals.. :0( My walls are stucko except for the Kitchen. I’m not sure if it would last in a kitchen?? Thanyou for posting.

  4. I would like that on my walls-please my walls are white all thru the house -cant make up mind about paint-this would be fun!!!

  5. I love the decals you used! They really made the photo display pop. I’ve recently painted, and was trying to figure out something to enhance my wall decor, but really didn’t want to use stencils in case I changed my mind and didn’t like it, this is an excellent alternative!

  6. thanks for introducing me to Decaleco Decals! I use decals on the walls of my classroom, and these are beautiful! Great review, your comparison of applying decals and the temporary tattoos really made it clearer!

  7. These are great for walls, easy to apply and remove. My granddaughters have them in their room. I love them

  8. i love these and i would love to have these in my house, my husband and i are trying to buy our first house and these would be so pretty:)

  9. I think these are perfect for decorating! They are easy to apply and easy to remove plus you don’t have to put holes in the wall to hang them. Great product 🙂

  10. These sound amazing. I have been wanting to put some decals in my son’s room. This sounds like just what I am looking for.

  11. I love the way you filled in-between pictures on the walls with the decals. I could really use something like this!

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