Dealing With Those Aches You’ve Never Felt Before

Dealing With Those Aches You've Never Felt BeforeOuch. That’s an ache that wasn’t there before! If you find yourself in that situation, it’s not time to throw in the towel and accept that it’s just age doing it. Time plays a role, but it’s more about how we treat our body over time. It’s not impossible to fight the advance of new owwies or even to reverse them entirely. Here are a few ways you should start fighting those niggling pains right now.

Be gentler with yourself

If you have a job, kids, and a hundred places to be, your body is going to feel the brunt of it. We don’t always give ourselves the easing that we need. For instance, if you work at an office desk, then you should pay more attention to the risk of RSI and back pain caused by poor posture or not getting up and stretching your legs enough. It’s also not a bad idea to learn the exercises shown by Popsugar that help you open up those tight hips and offer a little relief to your joints.

Look after them bones

A woman’s bones deal with plenty of stress over her life. They’re also more likely to suffer a loss of density and strength over time. More than any nutrient, it’s calcium you need to make sure you get your fill of. AlgaeCal reviews on Supplement Police show additions you can make to your diet to help preserve bone strength and treat some of the conditions that our bones might suffer from in the long term like osteoporosis. Just make sure that any supplements or changes to your diet get the go-ahead from the doctor, first.

Get stronger

Muscle isn’t just for men. If you’re exercising but you’re focusing entirely on cardio, you’re doing it wrong. Muscle-building exercises and mobility exercises are important for retaining a greater range of movement and supporting yourself over time. Huffington Post reviews protein powders that can help you build that essential layer of muscle, too. Again, make sure they’re fine with your doctor before taking any. They’re not essential to putting on muscle, but women tend to have a harder time of it than men. A little help can be much appreciated.

Ask if it’s all in the mind

It’s not just about how we treat our body, too. The mind and the body have a greater link than many imagine. One of the biggest risk factors of joint aches is actually stress. When we’re mentally stressed, our bodies tense up, too. That puts more pressure on our bones and joints which can then lead to or exacerbate those aches. That’s why it’s doubly crucial to learn stress management techniques if you feel like life is getting the better of you. It will save you plenty of physical pain as well as emotional pain.

There are few better signs that we need to take a little more care of ourselves than discovering a pain that wasn’t there before. Hopefully, the points above give you some ideas on how you take control back over your body.

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