6 Tips To Nail Potty Training Once And For All

If you’re struggling with potty training, you’re not alone. Some parents and toddlers nail it within a couple of days, but others have a little more trouble. The 6 tips in this guide will help you get it down once and for all!

Make Up A Song

Kids love having songs sung to them, especially when they’ve done something good. Try making up a song for them when they sit on the potty. You could even make up a separate one for when they get it right. By singing this song to them when they sit on the potty, you’ll make it fun and exciting for them. You can even buy potties that play songs when your child sits on them. Use your imagination, it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece or make a lot of sense!

Use A Surprise Bag

Put together a cheap surprise bag and let them pick something out of the bag every time they go on the potty. It doesn’t need to be anything too special. Maybe some coloring pencils, stickers, and things like that. It shouldn’t take long for them to become trained this way, and they’ll go automatically after a while without the need for a surprise bag.

6 Tips To Nail Potty Training Once And For All


Buy Potty Books

Take your child to a bookstore and pick up some books that they really like the look of. But make them potty books; books they can only read when they sit on the potty. They’re bound to want to sit on the potty more regularly when you do this.

Use Food Coloring

Use food coloring in the water in the toilet and your child can make it change colour when they go. This is a lot of fun and should make them get used to using it. You can even use other things in the toilet, such as shaving foam and cereal. If you have a son, you could make a game out of getting these things into the toilet water. Making a game out of it really works!

Get Them Comfortable Around The Potty

It’s really important that your child feels comfortable around the potty, even when they’re not using it. Keep it where you can see it, and make them get used to being around it. Even if they are reading or colouring something in, having the potty nearby can help. This is a tip recommended by

Make Them Feel Proud

You should make your child feel proud when they have successfully used the potty. Of course you don’t want to go over the top, as this can make them feel bad if they don’t get it right some time for whatever reason. Give them a high five, sing them their special song, even ask them if they want to call a relative to tell them the news.

I hope these 6 tips help you to nail this once and for all. Don’t feel bad if your child takes a little longer than you expect. They will eventually learn in their own time, so don’t pressure them or rush.

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