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Creativium – Paper Theater – Kid’s iPad App Review

A special thanks to Mechtarium LLC for providing me with a free app to review on my blog!


Product Description:

“An interactive paper-like theater suitable for kids age 2 and above.”

 “Let your children create fairytale scenes on virtual paper sets, with 10 funny characters, 40 animations and 25 decorations to mix and match as they want it. Save the most incredible stories in special photo gallery.”
“Gather the whole family around your iPad or let your child weave a great story on his own. Decorate the trees, paint the clouds and make the rainbow come to life. Throw a festive party in your castle and stage a real theatrical performance that will capture even the animals from the charmed forest! Shake your iPad for more fun in the Magic Forest! And don’t forget to take a snapshot of your creations!”


 My Review:

I recently had the opportunity to review an ipad 2 app called Creativium, an interactive paper theater game for kids. This game easily allows children to manipulate the animals and scenery, while creating a fairytale of their very own. This app quickly intrigued my two children, ages 2 and six. They are both fond of music and animals, so those two attributes alone drew them to the game immediately. They both found entertainment in being able to add flowers and acorns to all the trees and bushes. They would giggle as they “shook” the iPad which resulted in everything falling from the trees. There is even a castle in which the children could make a story with fairytale characters and props. The forest animals would begin to gather around as my children added to their story, which always put a smile on their face. Upon completing their fairytale castle, they then have the option of taking a picture of their story. The children are able to take pictures during any point on this game, allowing them to preserve scenes and go back later and view their collection of stories.

I would recommend this to children of all ages, it’s even fun for the parents to join in. This app offers simplicity and allows your children to apply their creativity and imagination without sensory overload.

More content will be available soon for this iPad app and I know my children can not wait to have more characters to play with! You can purchase this app for only $0.99 in the iTunes store.


Here is a snapshot of the picture gallery and all the stories my children created:



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