Create An Engagement Ring To Cherish For A Lifetime

Create An Engagement Ring To Cherish For A LifetimeIf you follow me on Instagram then you know that my high school sweetheart of almost 12 years finally asked me to marry him! This special proposal was actually a birthday surprise and one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I never realized, until becoming engaged, how much work goes behind creating and choosing the perfect engagement ring. Every time I look down at my hand, I am reminded of all of the thought and love that went into choosing a ring that my fiance believed was perfect for me. There are hundreds of rings to choose from, so how does a person go about finding the perfect one? Well I am thrilled to share with you today one way you can create a Bespoke engagement ring with Vashi to cherish for a lifetime.

Create An Engagement Ring To Cherish For A Lifetime Create An Engagement Ring To Cherish For A Lifetime Create An Engagement Ring To Cherish For A Lifetime

Vashi allows you to select one of their handpicked diamonds and a setting of your choice to create the engagement ring of your dreams. What I find that is most unique about Vashi is how much they are dedicated to helping someone find the perfect engagement ring, rather than just trying to sell one. They provide an abundance of information on their website to help you fully educate yourself on everything you need to know about engagement rings. They also believe customers should not rush into getting a ring, but rather take your time, prepare and save. Their research has shown that if you are prepared to take your time, putting thought and effort into shopping around, Vashi guarantees that you are more likely to find an engagement ring you will love at a price that you can afford!

ring4Don’t be afraid to ask questions when shopping for an engagement ring! Vashi’s engagement ring and diamond experts are just a call away and have completed extensive training on diamonds and jewellery before they make it to the phones, emails and chat. They aim to provide you with the best buying experience on the internet by exceeding your expectations on every single communication. Their engagement ring and diamond experts have a passion for customer service and diamonds. Another fact to take into consideration is that they are not paid on commission, so you will never feel pressured or pushed into a sale. Most importantly, the Vashi engagement ring and diamond experts are able to physically view the specific diamonds and settings that you are most interested in. This allows them to better convey your specific requests. Vashi also provides many other services which includes; free next-day delivery, free extended returns to 30 Days, double the difference price refund if you find the same item for less on another website or shop, lifetime warranty free ring sizing, professional ring cleaning, free lifetime upgrade on all diamonds.

Create An Engagement Ring To Cherish For A Lifetime

If you are ready to take this next big step in life, I highly recommend that you consider contacting the experts at Vashi for all your engagement ring needs!



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