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CosmoCamp Apps Review

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with CosmoCamp and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

About CosmoCamp:

CosmoCamp offers interactive adventure books that include two reading modes designed to reinforce the learning experience of toddlers (2-3) and preschoolers (4-5) through stimulating interactions. These wonderful storybooks will appeal to even the youngest learners, thanks to their bright, whimsical illustrations, funny tactile animations and educational narration mechanics. The CosmoCamp interactive storybooks are specially designed to introduce children to the joy of reading, while the game applications they are paired with will spark their creativity while providing hours of interactive fun!”

App Descriptions:


Picnic Problems

Meet Migo and Pandy in their first adventure!

Introduce your children to Migo and Pandy’s first of many extraordinary adventures through space in their CosmoCamper! In this interactive storybook, share their captivating journey as they travel to a rainy little planet to meet new friends. Play hide-and-seek in the puffy flower field, roast marshmallows by the fire, and discover what happens when the rain comes uninvited!

The Sweet Adventure

Join Migo and Pandy on an all-new cosmic adventure!

In this interactive reading application, you meet Lucy, a pink hippo who loves cooking. Help our two friends bake a new cake with Lucy and see what happens when you put cooking implements in the hands of an overenthusiastic bear cub!

The Incredi-Ride

“Hurry, Migo! I can’t wait to go on the Incredi-Ride!”

The amusement park is open and now Pandy really wants to hop on the biggest roller-coaster in the universe. Launch this beautiful storybook app and join our two bears in an exciting intergalactic funfair. Meet also with Rocco the crocodile, a mechanic who thinks he can do everything by himself. After a few twists and turns, Migo and Pandy will show him that friendship and teamwork make the rides even better!

Matching Game

Stimulate your child’s memory

With over 90 cards encompassing 3 themes, your child will train his memory while having fun and learning things like letters, number, colors and shapes. Thanks to the game’s simple, fun and intuitive interface, your child will quickly master the app and enjoy hours upon hours of autonomous play while developing acute memory acquisition!


My Review

My children recently had the opportunity to review the fun and educational apps brought to you by CosmoCamp! My daighter has swimming lessons each Sunday evening and my three year old sun and I sit and watch her. You can only imagine how quickly he gets bored and stirs up trouble. I decided to bring my iPad this week and the first thing he noticed were the new CosmoApps. I was delighted to find that my son found himself fully engaged with these apps during the full forty-five minutes that we sat there. I am very strict about the apps I allow my children to play and I aim to stay away from mindless games. The CosmoApps are top on the list for educational apps that I would recommended to anyone with children. My son found himself quickly conquering that game of memory and learning new shapes and was an expert within the hour! The interface is simple for children to navigate and the apps are spectacular, two thumbs up from this family!


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