Coordinating The Christmas Clear-Out

Coordinating The Christmas Clear-OutWe’ve all got to the point in the year where we are looking around at the toys the kids have, the clutter that is littering the lounge and the appliances we need to replace before they give up entirely. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and as we head into the attic to get the Christmas decorations ready to be put up, it’s time to look around and see where you can make some space while making some cash!

Christmas is an inevitable time of year where the kids in the house get absolutely spoiled by friends and family; and rightly so! But before that day, you need to make some space. You need to make room for new things and at the same time, it’s a good way to teach the children about giving old but still useable toys to charity for other children to enjoy. It’s also a good time to get your appliances upgraded, and this means selling what you’ve got and replacing for something better. Making room for new things is never easy, but if you’re making room by getting rid of older things, you’re onto a winner!

When you put larger appliances up for sale, it’s good to ask the buyer to come and collect and save yourself some petrol, but if they can’t drive to you, you can still use a company like Shiply to transport the large item for you. Children’s toys can be sold in the same way, on social media sites and sites like this one. Don’t just be ruthless and root through the toy boxes; get the children to do it for you. If they are involved in the toy-thinning process, then there can be no complaints about which toys have been put to pasture. By selling some of the toys that are in better condition, you can get together some cash to put toward a family holiday, or even toward the replacement toys for Christmas.

There’s nothing better than heading into a New Year with a decluttered home and all new appliances. You don’t have to be flush for money, either, as you’d have sold most of the items that you used to have, to be able to afford the upgrades. Being frugal often means being clever and creative about ways to earn extra money, and a home clear out can be just the ticket right before Christmas.

On the flipside, a big part of a home clear out is being able to give back. Taking the items that you cannot sell and no longer need to charity isn’t just smart, it’s something you SHOULD do. Charity shops, churches and food banks are all waiting and desperate for donations, and by doing so right before Christmas you have the chance to change someone else’s holiday season. If you can do something humane and wonderful right before the jolliest season of the year, why wouldn’t you? Giving back with your children is a great way to teach them how to be humble; and now is the time.

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