Common Worries Experienced By New Parents (And How To Overcome Them)

Common Worries Experienced By New Parents (And How To Overcome Them)

There is nothing more joyful than bringing a new life into the world. From the moment you learn you are pregnant, excitement builds up about this new arrival to your family. When baby does finally arrive – much to everybody’s relief – a whole new chapter opens up. Holding your baby in your arms, the world becomes a much smaller place as you focus on your child. The love between a parent and a child has no bounds, and you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

And yet here’s the thing. Being responsible for a new life brings many challenges. You will worry constantly, and the task of raising the infant can become overwhelming. You will manage of course, despite your fears, and it’s a sign of your love that you worry so much. And guess what? You will never stop worrying, from the moment they can walk to the minute they learn to drive a car! That’s the weight that every parent has on their shoulders. Does that sound familiar to you? Or are you a parent in waiting? In this article, we will list some of the common worries typical to most new parents. To help you, we will also offer some general advice to ease your anxieties. This writer isn’t an expert on babies, however, so you should also seek advice on the issues raised below by speaking to a seasoned professional.

Here are some of the worries new parents face.

My baby won’t stop crying

Ah, welcome to those sleepless nights and frustrated days. Most babies cry a lot, for any number of reasons. It’s natural in a newborn and infant to scream the house down with furious tears. Why? Hunger is the biggie, so you do need to have those milk formulas on hand unless you plan to breastfeed. They may also be tired, and you will wonder how you will ever get them to sleep. Hint: white noise and Mustela Baby Oil work wonders! Your baby’s diapers may need changing, although that is clearly noticeable by that pungent smell that entered the room moments ago. Or they may just want your attention, or less of it if you have been playing peekaboo for the last hour or so.

Still, if your baby won’t stop crying, despite your best efforts with a lullaby and a milk bottle, you should probably take baby to the doctor. There will probably be nothing majorly wrong, but as one if five babies suffer from colic, this may be why poor baby is so distraught. Your doctor will be able to give you some qualified advice, and will suggest the best course of action. Thankfully, the condition generally lasts for only a few weeks, but for the worried parent, it can seem like forever, especially when you are concerned about your poor child’s welfare.

I am always feeling exhausted

It’s no wonder you are exhausted, considering the crying mentioned above. The life of a parent is a busy one, and sleepless nights are many. Having a baby is demanding, and despite the joys of parenthood, you are going to feel the effects. Your body will also be going through a lot of changes, and you may suffer from depression as well. Therefore, it’s vital you look after your health, eating a good diet and exercising regularly. Remember that you’re not superhuman too. Nobody in their right mind will judge you if you need a break once in a while, so speak to your family and friends, and ask them to take baby off your hands for a few hours while you get some much-needed sleep. Eventually, your body will adjust to life after pregnancy, and your sleeping pattern will become something approaching normal, but in the meantime, ask for help, and take care of your personal needs as well as babies.

I’m not bonding with my baby

Not every mother bonds with the baby right away. This is perfectly normal, especially when you are looking at your baby through tired eyes after yet another sleepless night. You might also feel guilty – you love your baby, but it can sometimes be through gritted teeth. Your lifestyle will have changed too, so you may have struggles adapting to the new situation in your life. So what to do? Will you ever bond with your baby like the other moms seem to do? Well, don’t compare yourself to other moms for a start. They are probably struggling just like you, whether they admit it or not. While some moms do bond with their child straight away, don’t worry if it takes you a little longer. Skin-to-skin contact helps, as does baby massage, playing games, and generally spending time with your baby. The bond between a mother and her baby lasts a lifetime, even if it’s a little bit delayed at the beginning!

My child isn’t hitting their milestones

Not every baby develops at the same rate. So don’t worry if your best mate regales you with stories about how her baby has just rolled over, crawled across the floor, sat up with no assistance, and done a cartwheel across the living room. Okay, so if her baby did the last one she is probably lying anyway, but it can be a worry if your baby isn’t developing at the same pace. However, in some cases, there may be a development delay. This guide reflects what is generally considered normal, but if your baby falls far outside that remit, it is important to seek professional advice from your doctor or childcare professional. If there is something to worry about, you will be referred to a specialist, where the correct help will be given.

I don’t know if I am feeding them enough

This is tied in with the baby crying all the time. Your first reaction may be to feed them when they show signs of upset, and you may ask yourself why they are always hungry. Of course, as we discussed, your child may not be crying because of hunger. However, you should still see your doctor, especially during those first few weeks, and he will check your baby’s weight. If there is anything to worry about, he will let you know.  Experts say your baby should put on an average of 4 ounces a week initially, and then around 2 pounds a month. Again, there is no hard and fast rule, as it may be a little over or under that, but your doctor will advise you. You might also find these feeding tips helpful.

I’m worried for my baby’s safety

It’s a natural instinct for a mom to keep her child safe. This isn’t easy when you are out and about with your baby and strangers constantly pester you for a peek at your child. Then there are safety issues around the home. You don’t want your child putting anything in their mouth they shouldn’t, and especially when they learn to walk, you don’t want them touching or falling into anything that may cause them harm. So, here’s the thing! As for those strangers in the street or supermarket, you can tell them ‘no.’ It shouldn’t have to be the right of every Tom, Dick and Harriet to get a look at your child. You should also child-proof your home, taking precautions in every room your child will be spending time. For your peace of mind and your baby’s safety, you will feel a lot better when you have done all you can to protect them.

I’m not a good mom

Don’t worry, you probably are a good mom, no matter how frazzled your state of mind. The trouble is, when you become a parent, you get advice from a lot of people, from family and friends to qualified professionals. Some of it will be good advice so you shouldn’t resist it, but occasionally you will get those critical comments that have you doubting your abilities. The truth is this. Every baby is different, and while there are some common traits, you, as the parent, will often know your baby better than anybody else does. So despite the wonder methods used by the mother at the ‘parent and baby’ group, it’s okay if they don’t work for you. Do your best for your child, with all the love and care you can offer, and give yourself a break from the guilt.

Final thoughts

Do you identify with any of the worries mentioned? They are perfectly normal, and we hope our advice helped you. Still, despite those anxious thoughts and broken sleep patterns, having a baby is totally worth it. As we said earlier, you will never stop worrying, but seeing them grow and develop in stature and mind, you will never regret your decision to have a child in the first place. Still, if you have any advice for other new parents reading this article, let them know how you overcame some of your worries. Thanks for reading, and happy parenting!

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