Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

We all love our pets. Cat and dog people alike share the warm, fuzzy feeling of coming home after a long day at work to be greeted by a furry face that has truly missed you.

With all the love we feel exuding from our animals, it’s no wonder we deal with the mess that comes along with being a pet owner. You can see the hair flying as Fido runs circles of excitement at your feet. Good ole’ Garfield may not greet you at the front door, but he sure left you a nice hairy surprise on your pillow.

So, how can you commandeer your home? There are a few techniques you can try to bring back the cleanliness you remember before the zoo rolled in.


The idea of cuddling up with your puppy at night sounds adorable but that little puppy will grow. It’s going to get old, and fast. Keep them off the beds. Let yourself, and your family, have a peaceful night of rest. They make animal beds for a reason. Start young and offer your pet a special place of his own to sleep at night. If you are a cat owner, lock the bedroom doors during the day because cats do what they want to do.

Cleaning the floor is bad enough, you don’t need the added stress of worrying about vacuuming your bed or washing your sheets every morning.

Dry Mop

A dry mop is going to be your best friend when it comes to controlling the pet hair in your home. Let those little soft pads do the dirty work for you. They grab pet hair from your hard service floors like a dream. The broom and dustpan don’t stand a chance against a dry mop. It works like a magnet, grabbing the strands and globs of hair you didn’t even know were hiding under your kitchen chairs and behind the coat rack.


You are going to need to invest in a high-powered vacuum cleaner. For your carpeted rooms, there are no other options. A good, strong Only Canister Vacuum is the best way to pull the pet hair up and off your floor. Not only will the vacuum bring your rugs back to life, but you may need to use it on your furniture as well. We all wonder what our animals do when we are not there. Evidence shows, they’re on our couches.You can also check out if you are in search of additional information on pet vacuums.


A good, old-fashioned duster is going to become a necessity for keeping your home clean and free of pet hair. You may think the floors are the main concern when cleaning up after your furry family member but think again. Somehow, those little strands of fur take flight and end up in places you can’t comprehend. Using a feather duster, or something like it, you will be able to capture those flyaways with ease.


No matter how hard you clean, it’s all for nothing if you don’t maintain it. Even Martha Stewart herself has some suggestions on maintenance. Make it easier on yourself by doing a light cleaning each day as opposed to breaking your back every Saturday. It can be overwhelming to let pet hair build up all week long. Make a habit of giving your house a once over each day and taking care of the areas that need it most. You’ll thank yourself come Friday.

We can all agree that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to being a pet owner. There is so much unconditional love given by our animals. Let’s show our appreciation by providing them a clean and safe environment where we can all live in peace.

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