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Celebrate Earth Day With These 3 Children’s Books

Celebrate Earth Day With These 3 Children's Books #EarthDay

The kids and I visited our local book store today in search of some books to help us celebrate Earth Day. I have to admit that I had my heart set on getting The Giving Tree before we even stepped out the front door today, the idea arose the night before. Shel Silverstein is one of my all time favorite children’s authors and I read many of his books when I was a young girl. The Giving Tree was a book that I checked out again and again at the library growing up… something about this book has always touched my heart. If you have not yet read this book, I highly reccomend it and it’s appropriate for children of all ages. The story features a tree that loves a little boy and greatly enjoys his company. The boy visits the tree throughout the years while growing up, each time the tree is overjoyed to give to the boy… I don’t want to spoil anymore but I can promise you that your heart will also be touched by this beautiful story of a giving tree!

Celebrate Earth Day With These 3 Children's Books #EarthDay

The next book we found at the book store that was Earth Day inspiring was 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World. This is a simple and easy to follow book for younger children. The book demonstrates ten easy ways your child can help the earth, from simply turning off the water when you brush your teeth or using both side of the paper when you color. There are little pop ups and great illustrations, my four year old son was very intrigued by this book and it made it easier for him to understand what changes he can make on Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day With These 3 Children's Books #EarthDay

The final book we found which paired perfectly with our Earth Day craft was a book called From Seed To Plant which does a wonderful job explaining how seeds grow into plants. The book has really great illustrations that break down all the different plant parts, the process of pollination and how a seed grows. The kids and I purchased some soil and grass seeds, this is always the best way to show children quickly how plants grow because grass grows extremely fast! There are so many fun craft ideas when it comes to growing grass, I will be featuring one later this week that the kids did… we just have to wait for the grass to grow, but I guarantee you are going to love it!

Celebrate Earth Day With These 3 Children's Books #EarthDay

I hope you had a wonderful Earth Day and that these books help you to teach your children to care for their earth!

One thought on “Celebrate Earth Day With These 3 Children’s Books

  1. Awesome article (as always)!!!
    I just wanted to say mention that Earth Day is over but our planet is still losing 15 billion trees each year.
    Earth Day Network works to reforest the earth and build sustainable communities but we must all do our little bit, too!
    Keep those great blogs coming!!!

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