Casual Relationship – Is It A Boon or Vice For Young Couples?

Casual relationship is generally believed to be a short-term relation developing between the young couples looking for romance. Casual dating is now greatly in fashion among the adolescent boys and girls, as well as among the young men and women. According to relationship experts, it is actually dating someone with whom you do not intend to develop a long-term relationship.

Is casual dating same as hookup relationship?

Hookup relationship has no emotional involvement among the couples, they just want to enjoy the fun of dating and even physical intimacy. On the other hand, casual dating may be initially intended to be short-termed, but it is not essential to be totally void of all emotions among the couples. Many couples enjoy the essence of true romance and love even in their casual relationships, which may even turn to be a long-term commitment. In some cases couples end up looking into Vegas eloping packages.

Actually, the image of casual dating is influenced by the family upbringing of people, who may either accept it as a perfect manner of fraternizing, or may repulse from it thinking this relationship to be unethical or improper. Some young people also take this casual dating as a good medium of finding life partners. However, some orthodox people blame this trend of casual dating to be one of the causes of increasing breakups and even divorce among the young couples.

Can casual relationship be truly responsible for divorce?

Some psychologists and relationship experts hold the view that live in relationship can be a major cause of divorce among those couples, who choose to live together before their marriages. However, this fact is not yet established, as there are lots of instances of divorce among other couples too. On the other hand, quite a number of couples earlier chosen cohabitation are now living happily married life.

Actually, the success of a relationship depends on the satisfaction of that couple. Married or unmarried couples content with their mutual relationship will rate high for both casual and long-term relationships. On the contrary, the unsatisfied couples will find faults in all modes of relationships that might have brought them closer to each other previously.

There are many factors that may lead to the divorce of married couples, which may not have any link with their casual dating before marriage. Thus, the main reasons for divorce are the disturbing personalities of the couples and not merely their mode of relationships. In fact, the success and longevity of a relationship depends on the mentality or nature of the partners. So it is not right to blame casual dating for the increasing divorce cases in modern couples.

Does casual relationship result in insufficient happiness?

As casual relationship has much lesser commitment than the long-term relationships of married or unmarried couples, it is also believed to be providing lesser happiness to those couples involved in it. According to a recent survey published in Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, both married and unmarried couples engaged in long-term relationships are found to be more satisfied with their love life and physical intimacy. However, many couples in casual relationships are also found to be happy with their lovemaking acts. So there is no such definite proof that casual relationship gives rise to unhappy love life of couples.

As most of the casual dating partners do not expect any long-term relationship, they do not feel that satisfaction or joy of love experienced by the married or engaged couples. However, if these partners involved in casual dating are hopeful about the stability of their relationships, they may start feeling the same intensity of love for each other, just like the couples enjoying steady relationships. Therefore, it can be said that the happiness in a casual relationship depends on the optimistic outlook and hope of the couple regarding their romantic relation.

Can casual relationship result in negative psychological effects?

It is commonly believed that a casual relationship yields nothing but immense sorrow and regret to the couples, which damage their self-confidence and even mar their overall personalities. However, a recent extensive study done over some students of several undergraduate courses in the USA showed that the mental state after a casual or even hookup relationship depends on the outlook of a person towards that relationship, as well as his/her prevailing emotional condition.

Some students opt for hookup relationship only due to the pressure of their classmates and not due to their own free will, which may make them feel really bad about it later. Some students are also found to be going for casual or hookup dating, as they are already in a depressed mood or may be addicted to drugs or alcohol. But few students are found to be perfectly in a happy mood even after several casual or hookup dating sessions, because they had been in this kind of relationship out of their own will and not forced into it. So it is now established that casual relationship cannot be solely blamed for deteriorating the mental condition of a person, as it is the negative perspective of the people towards this relationship that makes them sad or depressed later. Many couples are found to be more cheerful about their relationships, who have willingly accepted it for having fun or to find their soul mates.

Effects of casual dating in long-term relationships

Many relationship experts now believe that casual dating is the best way for couples to know each other physically and emotionally before marriage. Thus, it will be easier for them to know whether their love partners are perfectly compatible to be their spouses, which can bring down the numbers of divorce cases in future.

It is seen that many couples may start hookup or casual dating without any emotional attachment or commitment, but gradually grow mentally so close to each other that they turn into married couples and live together for life. However, some conservative people may consider this extramarital relationship as an immoral act, mainly if physical intimacy is involved. But the modern society has in general accepted casual dating as a sporting way of knowing the partners, before committing for a long-term relationship.

Therefore, now it is proved that casual relationship is not at all a bad practice, if it is freely accepted as a gateway of establishing a stable relationship. It is only the orthodox way of thinking that had earlier put a taboo on this kind of relationship.

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