British Fashion Through the Years

What a wonderful world we live in, we are lucky to live in a culturally diverse world where individuality is celebrated and even the quirkiest of the quirkiest are celebrated in fashion. In a world where we are all encouraged to be embrace our differences it’s hard to believe there was ever a time where being a being unique and different was not celebrated! Throw back to your parents and grandparents who rung in the years of change with rebellious fashion movements which went against the current trends in a time where it was frowned upon to be different. See that’s the thing with fashion it is undeniably defined as being defiant, breaking the mold and encouraging all to break out and free themselves from expectations. Even Goth is now a celebrated fashion movement and it is clear to see the beauty, which has actually inspired the clothing. Religion clothing is helping to break stereotypes, which can still be found by designing unique, and grunge inspired clothing.British Fashion Through the Years

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