5 Great Cities to Visit When Studying for a History Degree

 5 Great Cities to Visit When Studying for a History DegreeWhen you are studying for your history degree, such as when you are enrolled in an online master of arts in history degree program so you can get your masters of history online from a school like Norwich University, you should take the opportunity to visit great cities around the world where historical events took place. Five amazing cities are listed below, so consider visiting them to really get a taste for what you are learning.


If you are studying the history of the United States, you should definitely check out Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So much of the country’s early history took place there, and you can explore museums and monuments that focus on all of the unique events that shaped the nation. After all, it is in Philadelphia that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed at Impendence Hall, and the city was also home to historical figures like Benjamin Franklin.


Dive deep into German history by visiting the amazing city of Berlin, which was actually the capital during the Nazi era. Historical figures like Einstein and Marx, as well as other famous thinkers, spent time in Berlin, and it is still a city in which the history is palpable. So much happened in this one place throughout the years, and you will be able to see it all for yourself once you visit.


Rome, Italy has so much to do and see that you will definitely want to spend a few days there. Historical monuments, ancient castles, and amazing architecture from a wide variety of time periods are found everywhere. From the Colosseum to the Vatican, you will get lost in the rich history of this thriving city, which attracts visitors from all across the globe every day of the year.

Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu is found in Peru. It is another one of the many historical sites that are visited by people from around the world who want to dive into what it must have looked like during ancient times. The ruined city of Machu Pichu is found at the top of an incredible mountain, and you will need to take a train to get up there. This used to be a center of culture for the Inca people and the location is now a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. It is definitely a place that you will never forget.


Agra is the city in India where you fill find the famous and breathtaking Taj Mahal. This is another UNESCO World Heritage site, but it was built during the 1600s, for the Emperor Shah Jahan, who wished to use it as a tomb for his deceased wife. You will definitely marvel at the architecture, which is made of marble, so make sure your camera is charged up to take plenty of photos.

There really is no better way to understand history than to experience it by visiting the many great cities around the world that have been through it all.

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