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Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop

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Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop #MC #LittlestPetShop

My oldest daughter has been a Littlest Pet Shop fan for as long as I can remember and has a drawer in her room packed full of them! They have provided her with years of fun and imagination and I can not recall a time where she grew bored of them. Just when I began to think that she may be getting too old for them, Littlest Pet Shop comes out with a fantastic new collection that is full of so many more ways to play! The new sets are completely customizable, you can build, add, decorate, rearrange and connect basically everything. The kits come with over 100 pieces to help you build and design the Littlest Pet Shop house of your dreams. My personal favorite would have to be how customizable the pets are now! The new pets have been transformed and allow you to change out the bodies and heads, as well as add accessories onto them. The accessories click onto the pets, which keeps them in place much better than just placing them onto the pest. Overall I was quite impressed with the new changes and believe they allow my daughter to express much more creativity.

Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop #MC #LittlestPetShop

Just last February my husband’s moved our family from Maine all the way to Georgia… leaving behind all of our family, close friends and the only school my oldest daughter has ever known. This was quite the adjustment for our entire family, but I think my eight year old daughter had the hardest time adjusting to this major change. Entering a new school towards the end of the year was tough and it was hard settling into a new classroom. I was so thankful once the school year was over and looked forward to her starting fresh the following year. Third grade started out fantastic and she is doing extremely well so far, my heart could not be more happy! With a new baby and a preschooler at home, I reached out and connected with some local mom groups in order to make new friends. My two oldest children were anxious to start making new friends in our new town and I thought a party at our home would be the best approach! So we invited several friends from one of my local mom groups, all ones that we would be meeting for the first time! My oldest daughter is such a sweet young lady and I thought this would be a wonderful way for her to make some new friends. 

Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop #MC #LittlestPetShop

 The day of the party, my children were up as soon as the sun starting shining through the windows, anxious to set up the party! We set up a little welcome table for our guest, which included snack and drinks, an adoption center where the girls could adopt a littlest pet shop and some littlest pet shop coloring pages. We also had a giveaway set up for the girls for the chance to win one of the new Littlest Pet Shop sets. All they needed to do was write their name on some paper, place it in the tin, and wait for a winner to be drawn at the end of the party!


Our party guests finally started arriving and I was so proud to see my daughter introduce herself and show the other girls all of the fun stuff we had set up. She explained each activity to them, made sure everyone successfully adopted theirs pets and enter their name into the giveaway drawing. She even ended up giving a bunch of her pets away to her new friends, which was so surprising to me because she is so in love with them. We can all remember how difficult it was making new friends when we were young and I was just so happy to see my daughter creating new friendships. She has really grown this past year, stepping out of her comfort zone, you would never know she was once a shy young girl that wouldn’t even walk up to a new person to introduce herself. I really think being in the comfort of her home and in a familiar place was the perfect way to ease her into making new friends.

Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop #MC #LittlestPetShop

 All of the kids just seemed to mingle and start having fun right away, it was as if they had been friends for years! These girls literally played non stop until it was time to go and I was so delighted to see them having a good time.

Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop #MC #LittlestPetShop

The kids even had the opportunity to view the new Littlest Pet Shop animated serious during a snack break. As you can tell from the image below, this peaked their interest quite a bit. You can find this fun loving show on your Discovery Family Channel (formerly Hub Network in the United States).

Bringing Together New Friends With Littlest Pet Shop #MC #LittlestPetShop

Making new friends when you’re a kid can be a very difficult experience, one that all parents want to make easier for their child. The Littlest Pet Shop was truly the inspiration and tool behind bringing a group of young girls that had never met… and making them buddies by the end of the afternoon. They were able to take away all the shyness and insecurities, allowing everyone just to be themselves and have fun with a toy that they all love. Having my daughter prepare, set up and host this party was a wonderful way to show her responsibility, hospitality as well as confidence. She went to bed that night letting me know that that was the best day of her life! For more information about the Littlest Pet Shops features in this post, make sure to visit their website and discover the Littlest Pet Shop world!

Discovery Family Channel (formerly Hub Network in the United States).

 http://www.hasbro.com/littlestpetshop/en_US/       lps11





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