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Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug

A special thanks to Mohawk for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

About Mohawk

“Mohawk sells floor covering and textiles for every room in the home and for every commercial application. Hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tile flooring, stone and marble flooring and, via an exclusive distribution agreement with Congoleum, vinyl sheet flooring are among the newest Mohawk product offerings. What’s more, the company now offers woven bedspreads, tapestries, pillows, throws and window blinds. Mohawk products are found in major retailers across the country and the world. From Home Depot to Bloomingdales, from Lowe’s to Macy’s, from Target and Wal-Mart to specialty boutiques in large cities and small towns. Mohawk is making the world a more beautiful place.”

My Review

After moving into our new home and trying to adjust to life with all wood floors, we concluded that it just didn’t do well to make our home unique. I decided one day to tackle the decorating in my daughter’s room and after adding wall decals, organizing furniture and purchasing a small rug, the room still just seemed so bland. I felt confident that the solution to that problem was adding a rug to the center of the room. I visited a few local stores in attempts to find a rug that fit my daughter’s personality and color theme, but turned up empty handed. I then spent some time on the internet, where I came across Mohawk and their vast selection of gorgeous area rugs. I eventually came across the most perfect rug for my daughter’s room called the Mohawk Home Chevron Indoor Outdoor Rug. Mohawk was kind enough to send us one for reviewing purposes and we have since fallen in love with it!

Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug: Mohawk Rug Review #ilovemymohawkrug

 The Mohawk Chevron rug arrived nicely wrapped/packaged in order to avoid any damage during delivery. The photo above was taken just minutes after we unrolled the rug and as you can see, it was already starting to smooth out nicely (it took less than an hour for it to flatten itself to the floor.) I was instantly amazed at how much this Moroccon rug transformed my daughter’s room, it brightened it up so nicely! What I loved most about the design of the rug was all of the different colors, that way if my daughter ever decides to change the theme of her room, this rug will still work out. After spending a good amount of time looking at rugs, I have to say that the price for this rug (based on it’s excellent quality) is amazing, you really are not going to find a better deal!

Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug: Mohawk Rug Review #ilovemymohawkrug

Mohawk Home Chevron Indoor Outdoor Rug Features

  • Nonslip backing
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Stain/fade resistant up to 1,000 hours of UV exposure
  • Repels mold/mildew
  • Chevron stripes

Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug: Mohawk Rug Review #ilovemymohawkrug


Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug: Mohawk Rug Review #ilovemymohawkrug


Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug: Mohawk Rug Review #ilovemymohawkrug

Overall we have been 100% satisfied with this rug and could not be any more happier with it. This rug is very easy to keep clean, it is soft enough to sit and play on and the colors are very vibrant. The quality is superb and the rug has shown no wear after being frequently played on the past month. I can not think of one possible negative aspect to write about this rug, it truly is all around perfect!

Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug: Mohawk Rug Review #ilovemymohawkrug

Mohawk’s Charitable Side

I have been following the Halstead family since they first created their fan page in support of their son, whom sustained a head injury. I have watched their journey through his parent’s heartfelt words and have never been more in awe of such a strong and loving couple. I was so extremely touched when I first discovered that Mohawk Rug sponsored a project that provided a home makeover for the Halstead family! Here are more details on this amazing project:

“Mohawk is proud to announce its partnership with Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe, fun and uplifting dream-room makeovers for children with long-term illnesses. This month, the philanthropic organization revealed its largest and most impressive project yet: a total home makeover for Tripp Halstead, a young boy recovering from a brain injury incurred last October. Mohawk sponsored this project by providing flooring throughout the Halstead’s newly remodeled home.”



Connect With Mohawk


128 thoughts on “Brighten Up a Room With A New Rug

  1. These rugs are so fantastic. I have always admired their quality for the price. I need a new rug for a focal point in my great room and I will be checking theirs out online. Thanks for the great review!

  2. This rug is very pretty and I would think any little girl would love it in her room. Thank you for letting us know that it flattens itself in record time. Your girl is precious and she seems very happy with your pic.

  3. I love this rug with the pretty colors. Mohawk is a great brand and have seen some of their rugs would love have one!

  4. I see the chevron pattern all over the place on TV, magazines, blogs and at stores, so it’s on trend. I like the non-slip part of the rug and that it took less than an hour to lay flat.

  5. A rug really anchors a room with great color and pattern and there’s are so nice and the designs are what I would love in my own home.

  6. Hi! How super cute is this rug?! I love the colors & the chevron pattern. BTW: Your daughter is adorable! I like her lil’ smile. Thank-you

  7. I’ve had Mohawk Rugs in my house years ago, they last very well and take well to wear and tear. I really do love their new designs, especially this one, so pretty 🙂

  8. Beautiful rug! I love that Mohawk offers so many quality products and at so many retailers! Great company!

  9. I love the variety of colors and designs that they have. Your rug is very colorful and looks great.

  10. I am surprised how great the chevrons look in her room…Mohawk Rugs come in such a variety of designs, even I could find one I like. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  11. That was so awesome that Mohawk sponsored the boy’s home makeover! Makes me think even more highly of them!

  12. I love the rug. it gives color to the room and it is the first thing that catches your eye. we need something to brighten up our living room!

  13. Thank you for the review. I had not heard of mohawk rugs. I love the one you chose. Looks great!

  14. I love the rug you chose. That’s what I would want too, something bright and cheerful. I love the Mohawk rugs and I have wanted to get one for quite some time now.

  15. Hello, love the design and colors of that rug and it looks like your daughter does too. This looks like is will last for years. Thanks for the review.

  16. I really love the different colors and designs of the Mohawk Rugs. I am so Happy that their rugs are still American Made. This means a good quality rug.. I did have problems moving around the site. I was actually looking for a indoor outdoor Area Rug. But they only showed me 1 which I wasn’t quite fond of, But you found an awesome one for your Daughters room very pretty and colorful. It brightens up her room! Thankyou for the useful Review..Have a Great Day!

  17. There’s so many great added benefits to these rugs like non slip and resists mold and mildew, so much better than most rugs out there for twice the cost!

  18. These rugs are so neat! They have so many great patterns to choose from–I’d love to have one in my house!

  19. My mother in law got one of these rugs and it brightened up her living room so much!! We were there the other week and I did not mind actually sitting on the floor since it was nice and comfy vs her old area rug. They are great rugs!

  20. I love the Mohawk Rug you chose. It looks so cute with to bedspread. Bright and colorful. It looks so springtime.

    I absolutely love Mohawk Rugs. There are not to many companies that can say MADE IN THE USA.


  21. I, too, have had Mohawk carpeting, and loved it. It was very comfortable and lasted many, many years without showing wear. I would love to win this area rug for my family room.

  22. What a perfect choice for her bedroom! What a difference an area rug can make. I love Mohawk, they are such a great company and I have always been thrilled with my purchases from them!

  23. This is a beautiful rug. I love the design and bright colors. I visited Mohawk’s website and found that they offer a huge variety of beautiful rugs. I would be proud to display any of their rugs on my floors. Mohawk rugs are made in the USA which is a big plus for me.

  24. Great job on this review. I have always trusted Mohawk products, i am glad that I found out about their bedding products. Thank you.

  25. Mowhawk does make great rugs. I see them everywhere. Love the pattern of the one you got for your daughter’s room.

  26. Mohawk has some of the coolest designs for rugs. Thanks for the review and pics, this rug is very nice

  27. Mohawk seems to make a great product. I love all the pictures…of your bright/cheery selection. But, I was also impressed by the generosity of this company. Mohawk has added brightness and cheeriness to some families that have certainly had rainy days. Go Team Mohawk!

  28. That rug is gorgeous! It looks nice and soft, as well. I checked their website and they really have some beautiful pieces!

  29. That rug you chose is adorable! I love how it’s funky and feminine without being super “girly”. I love that Mohawk is made in the USA!

  30. Oh what beautiful colors for any young persons room. It adds real life and freshness. I love the fact that the Mohawk company is USA an all made here

  31. i love mohawk rugs and have always been wanting to get one, we really need a rug for our living room, and i love that these are non slip because our tile can get slippery! thanks for sharing!

  32. I would Mohawk made the great rugs made in the US. Mohawk stand behind their products also. thanks for this great review

  33. I love the Lovely colors and designs of the Mohawk Rugs. I am Happy they are made in USA . Too me it means Good quality. Very Good Review! The Rug in your Daughters Room looks so Nice.. It really brightens up her room..

  34. What a lovely rug. Mohawk is a very trusted American name, I always look for it when buying a rug!

  35. i have always loved the selection of mohawk rugs, we need a rug to brighten up our living room and would love to get a mohawk one

  36. I’ve never used this company but love their rugs. Trying to find one for the nursery we are working on!

  37. Mohawk is such a wonderful brand, I completely love their stuff and love all the chooses you have in the rugs

  38. Thanks for your review! I love that you described the rug as being soft. I also love that they are well constructed and come in many different styles and sizes!

  39. I love the rug and pattern that you received to review! It is so pretty and bright! I also love that Mohawk rugs repel mildew. Very awesome product!

  40. Omg I love all your rugs. Thank u for this awesome giveaway I have the perfect place for a new rug if I win

  41. I have a mohawk rug and I love it. They make really good quality rugs at a good price. Thank you for your review.

  42. I love Mohawk rugs. They are made of great quality and so many choices. You did a wonderful review!

  43. I know a few people that have Mohawk rugs and they have nothing but great things to say.

  44. What a unique rug, it looks perfect for your girl’s room. I browsed through some of their rugs and really like the unique choices!

  45. Their rugs are so pretty and they have so many patterns and styles to choose from. I would love one for my living room 🙂

  46. Great review! I’m a fan of obtaining as much info as possible about the places I spend my money at! The rugs are beautiful and it was a nice perk to find out about their charity commitment!

  47. It constantly amazes me how putting just the right area rug in a room can change the appearance entirely, especially with hardwood floors.

  48. I love their rugs as they are rugged and long lasting. They have so many designs to choose from too!

  49. I need a new area rug in my living room to make it look more like spring and less like winter.

  50. I like the Mohawk rug with chevron stripes because it is indoor/outdoor and you can pull it outside and hose it off if it gets too dirty for vacuuming. Also, it has a low profile so less likely to trip over it.

  51. The rug really did liven up your Daughters room, it looks great. I think it makes the bedding pop. I like that it has non slip backing. I have a rug without it on hard wood floors. It can be pretty fun around here.

  52. Love the rug and thinking of getting a black and white one. What size of rug is that? Is it an 8’x10′?

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