Blinkbuggy: Reinventing The Baby Book For Today’s Parents

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Blinkbuggy. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.


“Blinkbuggy makes it easy to capture, organize and print all of your memories in one convenient place. Through simple and flexible privacy controls, only you decide what to share and with whom to share it.”

Blinkbuggy: Reinventing The Baby Book For Today's Parents

As you can see from the image above, we made a pretty big announcement recently! We had so much fun sharing with our family the sex of the baby and it has become a favorite picture among them all. This is definately a memory I want to keep safe and to share with all of my family.

Our family recently made a huge move all the way from Maine to Georgia, leaving behind all of our family. All four of my children’s grandparents (my parents) as well as their aunts and uncle, all of which were very active in their lives. This has been quite the adjustment over the past few months and staying in touch through social media has really helped to show our family how we are doing. You can only imagine how busy we have been getting adjusted to a new home while trying to learn a whole new area. New home, new yard, new school, new parks and playgrounds… all things that are families are anxious to see. However, we can’t always find the time to update them every day, despite how much we would love to, and I don’t want to flood my social media accounts with a hundred pictures. That is why I was ecstatic about discovering Blink buggy and it could not have been introduced to me at a more perfect time!

Blinkbuggy: Reinventing The Baby Book For Today's Parents

Blinkbuggy allows me to create albums full of photos that share our new life in Georgia. The kids have been so busy exploring their new yard, setting up their rooms and discovering new places. I can upload hundreds of pictures without worrying about people other than family seeing them. I can create my profile so that only the people I invite can see the photos and view them whenever they please. Could you think of a better way to show our family how we are doing on a daily basis? This has been by far the easiest way to go about it and it’s such an easy platform to use!

Blinkbuggy: Reinventing The Baby Book For Today's Parents Blinkbuggy: Reinventing The Baby Book For Today's Parents


Here is how your Blinkbuggy profile looks from the website!u

I just love how easy it is to capture images while on the go and then be able to edit them on the Blinkbuggy website once I get home!


So How Does Blinkbuggy Work?

“The Blinkbuggy app allows you to capture, organize and share memories as they happen. This app is a natural complement to your Blinkbuggy web account. The web account serves as your hub and the app allows you to easily capture memories on-the-go and send them back into your web account. On the iPhone itself, you will only see the memories that have been saved using the app. On the web account you will see all your memories from both computer and mobile app.”

iPhone Screenshot 2

Blinkbuggy’s Spring Fling Giveaway!

 Anyone who registers for Blinkbuggy during the month of April (April 1st – April 30th) will be entered to win one of three FREE 20-page Blinkbuggy Memory Books.

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