Best tips to teach your children essay writing

Best tips to teach your children essay writing

Most parents deal with the problem that their children don’t want to go to school due to laborious written tasks. The most popular type of these tasks is an essay. Good examples of essays and other written works can be found at as well. Hence, tips to teach your children essay writing will be very useful for those parents who have first-hand knowledge of this very problem.

Important Recommendations to Teach Your Children Essay Writing

Different types of essays can be assigned to pupils every day. Just for this reason, it is very important to know how to improve writing skills of your kids. So, here are the most efficient tips to teach your children essay writing:

  1. Cultivate love of reading. The very first source of good writing skills is reading. Although it may seem strange, there is a direct connection between reading and text creation skills. While reading books, your children will memorize correct spelling of different words. Moreover, this process happens unconsciously because the human mind works to memorize everything that we see with the help of visual memory. However, you should start cultivating love of reading since early childhood. Otherwise, a TV set and computer games will replace books. So, start reading tales to your little kids if you want them to be literate.
  2. Teach your children grammar. It is not surprising that small children may have many difficulties with grammar. Be patient and try to find time to explain different grammar constructions widely used in everyday life to your children. Certainly, the learning process will take some time, but you can be sure that there is nothing left. Moreover, if your children don’t understand a particular topic on grammar in class, it will be much better to explain everything to them once again at home.
  3. Explain the structure of texts. Everybody knows that each text has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is nonetheless clear for adults, but not for children. Therefore, explain this structure and try to observe whether your children follow this scheme or not. In this way, you will be able to teach them logical narration since primary school, and this skill will be very useful for their further education.
  4. Use examples. It can be very difficult to explain the classic five-paragraph structure of the text to small children. So, to make this process easier, it is better to use some illustrative materials. Nowadays, you can easily find special schemes with detailed illustrations of each part of a text in the Internet. Moreover, if you are good with words, use your own essays written at school, college, or university. It is not so important for small children to understand the content of a particular text, but feeling its structure is essential for all types of written assignments.
  5. It is impossible to teach children essay writing without practice. One may say that they will have practice at school, but it is also necessary to practice at home. For instance, to make this task easier, parents may read and analyze done essays together with their children. Moreover, thorough work on errors will help to explain to children why they have these marks for essays and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Certainly, essay writing is one of the most laborious tasks to do. Fortunately, if you could cope with it during your school and college years, it means that you can teach your children as well.

Our best recommendations will help you to make this process easier and more effective.

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