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Beautiful Owl Art For The Kid’s Rooms

A special thanks to Piia for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Beautiful Owl Art For The Kid's Rooms

About Piia

“Welcome to the place filled with unique, rich in detail and joyful artwork for nurseries, kid’s rooms or play areas. I’m offering art prints for babies, toddlers and kids. Beautiful owls, Indian elephants, turtles, birds, dogs and so many more happy and friendly characters are looking for a home and new friends.”

Beautiful Owl Art For The Kid's Rooms

Piia Podersalu offer a beautiful selection of art prints in her Etsy shop, guaranteed to transform your child’s room. These elegant and quality prints display unique images that will have guests wondering where they can get such great art prints for their children’s room. I, of course, found myself immediately drawn to the owl prints and fell in love with the stunning color schemes. I am not one to fill my walls with wall to wall art work, I like the clean and uniform look in my home. This allows us to focus more on individual pieces of work rather than be overwhelmed by endless amount of photos and prints along your wall. Plus to me it just looks much nicer and suits my style the most. My babies nursery walls have stayed barren for the past few months, as I just couldn’t seem to find something that was simple and beautiful, yet not to overwhelming. I am glad to have discovered Piia during the time we welcomed our new baby, as her prints fit beautifully into the theme of her room. The prints add a wonderful touch to her room and I am so pleased with how they look. 

Beautiful Owl Art For The Kid's Rooms

In addition to the clear beauty and vibrancy of these prints, they are also printed on a archival high quality paper, which is significantly nicer than most prints I have seen. There is no need to worry about your prints arriving bent or damaged, which has happened to me on several occasions when ordering photos online. Your prints will come in a professional package that will ensure your prints will not arrive bent, wrinkled or damaged. I received mine without a single flaw and was actually quite surprised at the amazing condition they arrived in.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the two prints that I received for review and think that add so much beauty to my daughter’s nursery. If you are looking for gorgeous and unique art work to add to your child’s room, I highly recommend you visit Piia’s Etsy shop today and view the amazing selections that are available. You are not going to be disappointed with the prints and I just know you will find many that you love!

Beautiful Owl Art For The Kid's Rooms

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Owl Art For The Kid’s Rooms

  1. I love these owl prints so much, they are so colorful and vibrant! I would definitely love to decorate all 3 of kids rooms with one of her art prints!

  2. I have a granddaughter and 2 nieces so I know one of them would love to have some kid art in their room.Great review 🙂

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