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Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Balboa Baby for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 About Balboa Baby

“Shirley Pepys, founder of Noel Joanna Inc. (NoJo) and her son Noel Pepys have teamed up with Dr. William Sears, best known as “America’s Pediatrician,” to create fashionable and functional products to make life simpler for parents and better for babies. Balboa Baby® designs contemporary, unique products using luxurious fabrics and distinctive prints. We will continue to find innovative ways to make parents’ lives easier, their babies happier and to give them both opportunities to bond and experience life together. Cuddle your baby.”

Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 My Review

Being a mom means you no longer have the time to take care of yourself the way you use to. Doing my hair, makeup and getting out the door in a clean outfit is now last on the list and most days I am lucky to have had time to shower. The role of a stay at home mom has really put a cramp in my style, one that I use to be very proud of. That is why I was ecstatic to have discovered a company that offers stylish products for mom and baby, ones that don’t compromise you being a trendy mom. I had the pleasure of reviewing the gorgeous Pink Camellia Tote Bag from Balboa Baby. Upon first glance, this elegant tote does not appear to be a baby bag at all. I would personally use this even if I didn’t have dozens of baby items to tote around with me when I left the house. The quilted fabric gives it such a unique and high quality look, something I adore about the bag. The tote also contains an insert at the bottom, which gives it structure and support. You don’t have to worry about all of your baby items and supplies tipping the bag over, as the bottom makes it stand upright perfectly. There are also two inside pockets available for those items you don’t want lost in the bag, such as spare change, wallet and chapstick.

The two outside pockets are easily accessible and ideal for items such as your cell phone and keys. I really like the zipper closure on top, most baby bags just snap shut, which increases the risk of items accidentally falling out. The reinforced straps make it a comfortable tote to carry on your shoulder. This tote is also washable and that is probably the most important feature in my opinion. It is inevitable and unavoidable… at one point or another your baby bag is going to need a good wash! Being able to easily toss this tote in the wash, without the worry of it getting destroyed in the process, is just fantastic. I could just go on and on about how stylish and functional this bag is, I am truly impressed with this one! The color options are great and Balbo Baby even offers this bag as a duffle or messenger bag.

Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


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28 thoughts on “Balboa Baby: Pink Camellia Tote Bag (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. Thank you for the review and the chance to win this great bag. You are right that it does not look like a diaper bag. I would feel so cute walking around with a bag like this. I love that you can wash it so easy. Cause like you said it will get dirty.

  2. What a great bag!! A diaper bag that looks stylish, and it’s washable!!! Sign me up!!

  3. Beautiful, sturdy looking bag! It’s nice to see pretty, well made tote! Thanks for the review with such hi-def pictures!

  4. I really like these bags!! I like that you can wash them and I love the different colors.

  5. how cute! I had one of their messenger bags one time and it was great quality. i really like this style of bad too and theirs so many color options!

  6. I love the fact that it stands up by itself and you dont have to worry about it falling over! I also love the zipper closure…I dont know how many times I have accidentally dumped our diaper bag out. Cleaning it in the wash is nice also…we dont have that option with the one we have now, it is nice but does need a good scrubbing and I dont know how that would go.

  7. Adorable bag! I agree that the zippered top is a must have – I can’t tell you how many times our snap top bag has fallen over, and everything has fallen out!

  8. I love the pattern on this bag! Very pretty and looks extremely well made. I like how the straps are reinforced and look very comfy!

  9. I really like this bag. It doesn’t look big and bulky like some other bags. But my favorite feature is that it is washable and I think that this is the most important feature of the bag.

  10. These bags are so great! I love that it has a zipper top closure and that it’s washable. The prints are gorgeous too!

  11. Love this – cute prints on the fabric.
    I like that the bag seems to be a good size and is washable.

  12. I just love this Balboa baby pink Camellia tote bag!My daughter said it’s so cute it as a diaper bag or tote bag for the beach she would take it there too.

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