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Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Babo Botanicals for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

About Babo Botanicals

“I work with top botanists to create effective, high performing hair and skincare products, all made on a certified organic farm in Upstate New York. The line has continued to expand, and I’m proud to report that our latest sunscreens were rated safest by Parents Magazine in 2013. And although I originally created the products with babies and children in mind, the products perform so well that Babo is quickly becoming a family brand, providing products that babies, children, teenagers, and adults all love. “

About the Essential Newborn Giftset

“Babo Botanicals Newborn Giftset is filled with the essentials that you will need to keep your baby’s skin clean and moisturized. It includes a Soothing Diaper Cream, Moisturizing shampoo & wash and Moisturizing lotion packed with Oatmilk and Calendula. And all products are dermotologist tested for sensitive skin, so you know they are safe and gentle for young, delicate skin. All packaged together in a natural, reusable jute bag.”

Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

My Review

With a strong family history of sensitive skin and eczema, my children were determined to inherit those same traits. I learned very early on that I was not going to be able to settle for just any skincare products when it came to my children’s delicate skin. I have since made an effort to seek out only the best products, which recently led me to an amazing company called Baby Botanicals. Their all natural, pure and organic ingredients is what first intrigued me, but as I began to read more about this family friendly business, I found myself even more in love with the brand. The founder is a mother just like me, someone who understood there was a need for more gentle and natural skin care products, not just for baby, but the entire family. The story of how Babo Botanicals came to be is a wonderful one and I encourage you to watch the video on the website to get a better idea of the professionalism and quality that goes into making the products.

Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

The Babo Botanicals Newborn Giftset comes with everything you need to ensure your new baby maintains that delicate and soft skin she was born with. I just love how moisturizing the body wash and shampoo is, making sure that bath time doesn’t result in dry, irritated skin. Baby message time is one of my most favorite bonding times with baby and I just love that I can offer it with a lotion that will safely moisturize the skin. Then there are the dozens upon dozen of diaper changes that are sure to cause some discomfort to your baby’s skin. The best way to prevent this is by providing a quality diaper rash cream. The Babo Botanicals offers a high quality diaper cream that was also designed with sensitive skin in mind. As mentioned previously in this review, sensitive skin runs strong in or family so this is most defiantly a product that will get utilized!

Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

Say hello to the mascot behind this amazing line of skincare products, Babo the Bunny! The founder named the company after her son’s beloved Babo and has since created a 100% organic cotton bunny that all children can love. This bunny is so incredibly soft, something your baby is going to just adore holding in their hands and snuggling with. I am very fond of the little letters displayed on the bunny, as this will be a wonderful resource when my little one begins showing interest in learning about the alphabet. This is such a fantastic, high quality bunny that is sure to last for many years of naps and snuggles!

Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

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21 thoughts on “Babo Botanicals Essential Newborn Giftset Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. It’s nice that these products are natural and gentle on skin. And the bunny is really cute. 🙂

  2. Their skin products contain a flower called Calendula . This is a very pretty flower that gets 2 feet tall and resembles a Marigold.Only much larger. It has wonderful healing properties in it naturally. I grow, harvest, dry and use in making my own skin treatment. I am a big Calendula fan! It is pretty to look at and it softens your skin so nice ! I would say without ever testing their products that they are excellent for babies skin.

  3. I like that these products are for sensitive skin. My grandchildren have eczema and skin problems. My daughter has a newborn that also has eczema. These products would be awesome for all those little ones that have skin problems.

  4. I really love using organic products with my babies! This set looks awesome, and I love that it includes such a cute little bunny that is also made with organic materials! My daughter is 2 weeks old today, I would love to use this on her!

  5. I love that the products are natural. This is very important for me for my baby. I have sensitive skin so I know she may be inclined to have it also. Products that are gentle are of the utmost concern to me.

  6. This looks like a wonderful present that would get lots of use. I think it is made with some nice ingredients which baby needs. Thanks for the information. Will keep it in mind.

  7. Having children with Eczema I have used oatmeal products. My issue with that is dryness. I have never heard of Calendula it sounds like I could have the oatmeal with moisturizing.

  8. love that it is organic & that it is great for sensitive skin. would love to try it out on our dry desert skin

  9. Love how gentle the products are! My husband is allergic to many lotions, sometimes even putting them on his hands to massage baby irritates his skin. Would love to have a product that he could use often to massage baby!

  10. I love their products and this gift set is absolutely adorable! I love the cute little bunny that comes with it, and think the fact that it too is made from all natural materials is so awesome! I would be ecstatic if I received this at my baby shower!

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