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Babee Talk: Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Babee Talk for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Babee Talk: Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


The Story Behind Babee Talk

“...When you buy products from Babee Talk, you can feel confident that the products you are buying are non-toxic and safe for your baby.  What I found out made me even more concerned about our children’s safety and health: The toxic chemicals used in the production of synthetic materials have been linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders and weakened immune systems.  As a mother, I understand the importance of offering nothing but the best for your baby.  I only offer products that I would give to my own children….”

About the Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Set

“…Babies love the cushy, coziness of of our Eco-Buds™ Take-Along Pals. Earth Friendly, parent approved. These portable little playmates attach to strollers, carriers, high chairs and more quickly and easily. No Hassle. No Fuss. All of our Eco-Buds™ Take-Along Pals are made using organic cotton fabric, inside & out. Delightfully entrancing colors are achieved using only low-impact dyes with absolutely no heavy metals. Soothing sounds engage babies and hold their attention. These little companions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and phthalate-free…”

Babee Talk: Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


My Review

There is something so very special about watching your baby begin to discover the world around them. Their once frail and uncoordinated littler hands soon begin reaching for things around them. Soon after your precious baby will begin teething and in turn, everything within their reach is going to end up directly in their mouth. You will then spend the next year of your baby’s life trying to avoid and keep out of reach anything that could be harmful to them. With an increase in recalls on toys tainted with lead these past several years, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are providing your baby with safe toys.

I recently discovered a company that has both intrigued and inspired me to be more proactive and educated about the items I purchase for my baby. Babee Talk offers a beautiful variety of crib sets and plush toys that are both non toxic and organic. We had the pleasure of reviewing the adorable, lovable and chewable Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Set. This perfect duo is ideal for attaching to your baby’s crib, car seat, stroller or anywhere else you can think of. I was very impressed with the softness of these eco-buds and delighted by the ease of attaching them to things. These pals are well made, high quality and most definitely something that is going to survive months of being baby’s “chew toy.” Overall I am highly impressed with the eco-buds, the safety reassurance alone makes them a must have item for baby. They have so many adorable pals to choose from and I just know you are going to fall in love when you see them!

Babee Talk: Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


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40 thoughts on “Babee Talk: Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. Love that they are made of organic cotton fabric and they will keep baby busy. These are so cute and can be attached to crib, carseat, stroller and more.

  2. Not only are these little pals cute, but they are safe for our children & grandchildren!! I know as a mom, I took care of myself while I was pregnant, praying to have a healthy baby – then why wouldn’t you want to keep that same baby healthy outside of the womb?? I know for me, their safety is life long!

  3. I’m glad you said these are non toxic, that’s a big plus for any child’s toy 🙂 My great nephew is in the everything goes in your mouth phase so these would be great for him 😉 Thank you for the review!

  4. I love the styling of the Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals. The nursery for my soon to be born grandson is in a jungle theme, so the monkey will fit in well. The reason I like the Eco-Buds Pals is because they are made inside and out with organic cotton and are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and phthalate-free. Thank you Babee Talk.

  5. I love that they have such pretty colors. What cute toys. Its nice to see something eco-friendly and stylish!

  6. This would be amazing to have! I know what you mean about the chew toy, everything seems really hard and harsh I would feel very comfortable giving this to my son!

  7. I am ALL about eco friendly, especially when it comes to my children. I would be very excited to have the chance to try these out!

  8. I love that the Babee Talk Eco-Buds Take Along Pals have velcro on them so they can attach to so many things. They are cute and even if baby puts everything into his mouth, they are made with low-impact dyes with absolutely no heavy metals so there is nothing toxic nothing to worry about.

  9. It’s so fantastic that companies are at last starting to focus on natural products that are completely safe for baby! I make most of my own natural products for cleaning and body care, so it’s wonderful to see such beautiful, fun looking toys that don’t negate all of those efforts!

  10. These are very cute! I love that they are safe and I think it’s important for a child to have something they can take with them wherever they go as a kind of security.

  11. I really Love these adorable little Characters. To Know that they are safe for Baby is the biggest Plus of all. I also love that you can attach them to the crib , stroller etc.Thankyou for the awesome Review!!

  12. These are so cute. It’s nice knowing that babies can chew and suck on these all day and they won’t be touching anything bad for them.

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