Are you Getting It Right? 4 Signs That Suggest your Work-Life Balance Needs Adjusting

A good work-life balance is hard to achieve when there are bills to be paid. Even so, there is a solid middle ground that keeps you employed without burning you out. In order to advance a career, you have to invest in yourself. Once you follow these four tips, check out mywealthandinvestment to get in-depth guides for a proper work-life balance.

4. You Forget What Day It Is

Have you ever gone through a day with the wrong date in mind? It usually ends with another person laughing at you for not knowing the day of the week. If this is happening on a frequent basis, then work may be occupying too much of your time. Forgetting what day it is will always point to something that has taken hold of your time and mental focus. It can be children, marriage, a big event or even a death in the family. None of this is uncommon, and all of these falls into the normal category.

But if your date forgetfulness is always related to work project, it can become a problem. That shows an inability to separate your personal responsibilities from work. This is something that stacks, and you’ll often find the ‘normal’ forgetfulness gets overtaken by your work forgetfulness.

3. Stress

Stress will simultaneously attack your mental and physical health. It’s particularly problematic for fast paced careers that allow little to no time off. Instead of having a few days to decompress, you spend what little time you have panicking. Worrying about work on your day off is a bad thing, and is a big contributor to sleepless nights. Even after a full day off, you check into work feeling drained. Without the ability to recharge, stress wins the battle over your body and mind.

2. Health Issues

Workers often end up in the hospital by trying to tough it out. Their fear of missing work leads to them missing even more time than necessary. There should be no point in your career where your health takes a backseat to a project. It is a huge red flag if you feel that hiding a health condition is needed to stay employed. Take it as a sign that new employment would be a much better alternative.

1. When You Reach ‘The Point’

Everyone has a different tipping point. What you do after that point makes a difference to your future. When you have multiple rage fits before and after work, then your job is the problem. Reaching that special tipping point once should spur you into action. If you have had multiple tipping points and changed nothing, then pay attention to the people around you. Chances are you are taking that extra rage out on them!

With a good work-life balance, you should always be able to retreat into one or the other without fear of repercussions.

Wrap Up

Don’t let work take over your personal life. A normal life experience combines the best of both worlds without taking away money or personal time. If your job doesn’t allow for this balance, then finding a new career may be the best option.

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  1. A good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, including less stress, a lower risk of burnout and a greater sense of well-being. This not only benefits employees but employers, too. 

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