Are Birds Good Pets For Children?


Children are often attracted to birds and it is easy to see why. These intelligent, colorful creatures make great companions for youngsters and are much easier to take care of than a cat or a dog.

As long as your child is the right age (over 12), is willing to give some of his or her time to handle the bird’s needs, does the necessary research and is in control of their emotions, a bird can be a wonderful pet!

There are numerous pet shops where you can find a number of different kinds of pets, including various birds. It’s not an easy choice, but remember that you don’t have to be limited by your budget – there’s a lot to save with Target promotional codes and other discount vouchers. And to help you with this important decision, we’ve prepared an overview of species that make for the best pets:


Finches tend to rank highest on lists like these, because they don’t require a great deal of interaction and are also very easy for a child to take care for. Younger children are able to watch these colorful, fascinating birds for hours on end! Their chatter and soft chirping also provides a great household backdrop. If you do decide to obtain a finch, be sure to get at least two, since they are not so big on human company and need someone of their species.


Canaries can be kept by themselves and love to entertain those who are close by with their song. They remain in their cage at all times, so everything that children are responsible for is their food, water, and cage cleaning duties. Side note: a canary can live for up to 15 years, an important factor for parents to bear in mind!


Children love parakeets for a variety of reasons: they are colorful, they love to play, are small and they are able to talk. Their personalities are very gentle and they develop lasting bonds with their owners. If you want a bird that has the potential to become a best friend to your child, a parakeet is the way to go!


Long considered one of the best birds for children, cockatiels are a great pet for older kids who have enough time in their schedule to devote to their little friend. Spending a while with these birds can be very enjoyable thanks to their ability to talk, do tricks and even whistle! They love spending time outside of their cage, so a child must be properly prepared for one-on-one bonding moments with their cockatiel.

Diamond Doves

Diamond doves are small birds, clocking in around 7 inches. They are a low maintenance bird with a calm, peaceful demeanor. While they are inquisitive and chatty, they are not nearly as noisy as other

bird species. However, they do have some special dietary requirements (including lots of nectar), so your child should do their homework on the needs of a diamond dove before bringing one home.

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