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An Affordable Way To Keep Your Legs Smooth All Year

An Affordable Way To Keep Your Legs Smooth All Year

I am so incredibly cheap when it comes to razors and will do practically anything to save money on a costly expense. I dread every time I have to walk down that razor aisle at my local grocery store. I tell myself that it’s worth spending a little more on that one razor that claims to be amazing, only for it to last a week before my legs are suffering the consequences of a poor quality razor. I can never bring myself to cough up a lot of money for an expensive razor, especially when it seems that I am going through them so quickly. Just the other day I thought I would be sneaky and steal one of my husbands really expensive disposable razors… turns out not all razors are created equally and there most defiantly is a difference between men’s and women’s razors. Ouch, my poor legs! That is a mistake I won’t be making again. There is no doubt about it… purchasing disposable razors and cartridges at the store is expensive! There just has to be a more economical way to save money on this product without sacrificing on quality. Turns out there is a convenient, practical and affordable way to get razors in your mailbox each month without it costing you an arm and a leg!

An Affordable Way To Keep Your Legs Smooth All Year

You all know my profound love for subscription box services… well there just so happens to be one the delivers razors right to your door. 99 Cent Razor is an amazing service that provides customers with razor blades made in USA and they deliver them right to your door! They offer a starter kit, as well as a monthly subscription service. You can choose to pay only $8 for their starter kit to try out the products and see what you think. If you find that you are pleased with the razors, just return to their website and order replacement blades when needed. If you are a last minute person (such as myself) and need something like their monthly service to automatically send razors to you, that is an option as well. In your first subscription box you will receive four triple blade razor blades along with a handle and a handle holder. After one or two months (depending on your shipping frequency) you will be automatically shipped four new razor blades. 99 Cent Razor has an excellent return policy and if you ever find that you are not happy with their product or service, simply contact them for an immediate refund. This company has also created a program to help animals, which is called #Shave4Shelters. For every order placed on their site, 99 Cent Razor will donate to Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (S.T.A.R.T.) whom they have partnered with for #Shave4Shelters. This is truly a great company that offers a great service at affordable pricing on razors that are going to keep your legs smooth all year!

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