Affordable Vegetarian Treats To Try On The Barbecue

If you and your family are choosing to live a healthier Vegetarian lifestyle, there is no need to give up on having meals on the barbecue. Grills are not only for steaks and burgers but can be a great way to cook many different vegetarian meals for the whole family to enjoy. Grilling can be a healthy way to prepare any meal, but you are no longer just restricted to veggie burgers or sausages for your barbecue menu.

Enjoy the outdoors and healthy living while creating some unique veggie treats on the grill. If you choose to serve vegetarian burgers or brats take the time to carefully look at the cooking instructions as these choices have very different cooking times than the traditional meat options.

When preparing your vegetables for the barbecue, fresh is always the best. When you are shopping for your meal make sure that all of your choices are fresh from the farm. Not only will this help with them to hold up better under heat but will increase the natural flavors. Try using a simple marinade on your vegetables for even more exotic flavors.

Take a look at some of the unique barbecue treats that can easily be made to compliment any vegetarian diet.

Grilled Corn On The Cob

Always a summertime favorite, corn on the cob can be done easily and quickly on the grill. There is no need to wrap the corn in tin foil or boil it before putting it on the heat. Make sure to use a butter based marinade prior to cooking and turn each cob often to avoid any scorching. Your delicious corn can be ready in only 7-10 minutes for a mouth watering side dish that is always a hit.

Vegetable Kabobs

Skip the beef or chicken and load up your kabob skewers with a fresh variety of ripe vegetables. Choose between potatoes, onion, baby tomatoes, zucchini, mushroom or peppers. Your imagination is your only limit. You can prep the kabobs in advance or have some fun with a “build it yourself” station where everyone can choose their own combinations.

Vegetables generally only take a few minutes on medium heat to be correctly cooked. You want your ingredients to be soft but not mushy and without any burn residue that can detract from the natural flavors.

Grilled Fruit Desserts

Fruit on the barbeque? That’s right! Almost anything can be done with a little care over your grill. For a unique and unexpected dessert course try grilling pears, peaches, apples, strawberries or pineapple. The heat from your barbecue will actually enhance the natural sweetness in the fruit leaving you with a mouth watering treat. Serve with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce for a dessert that your guests will remember.

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Whether you want to include the Portabello mushrooms in a burger or alone as a main dish, this meaty entree alternative is easy and quick to prepare on the barbecue. Before grilling, cut the mushroom into slices approximately ¼ inch in thickness for the best results. Use a tarragon, parsley and butter marinade to bring out all of the natural musky flavors. Cooking time is only 8 minutes on medium heat with flipping only once.

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