4 Easy Ways To Find A Happier You

Between the hectic schedules that go hand-in-hand with the demands of raising children, working and managing a household, it’s easy to lose touch with the ‘happy’ self you once knew.

While there is great satisfaction that can come from juggling the many aspects of our busy lifestyles, it pays to dedicate some focus to improving your general sense of happiness and well-being. If you’re looking for a way to reinvigorate your zest for life, here are four things you could help you on your way.

 Stop multitasking

Ever heard the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’? It’s a saying that seems to ring true now more than ever. With the seemingly endless to-do lists we’re all trying to work our way through, we’ve all become really good at managing a lot of things at once, but not necessarily doing any of them well.

If life was like school and you feel like you’re constantly scraping through with a pass mark when you’re normally a straight-A student, it’s probably because you’re simply taking on too much.

Instead of trying to juggle so many things at the same time, decide which non-essential things you can drop off the to-do list so you can focus more attentively on doing a few things—and doing them well. You’ll be amazed at the renewed sense of confidence and accomplishment!

 Remember what you love doing most

We’ve heard it before time and time again…because it’s true! We all need to start dedicating a little time each week to doing things we love.

When we get busy our hobbies are often the first things to go, but they should be the last. Whether it’s painting, reading, catching a movie, singing or knitting, these hobbies provide a rare opportunity for us to switch off from the pressures of day-to-day life and focus purely on something we love.

By scheduling your hobbies into your calendar as ‘non-negotiable’ appointments, you’re more likely to follow-through on your plans and reap the rewards of some well-deserved time-out.

 Connect with like-minded people

Remember how much that friend from high school used to make you laugh? Or that colleague from your old workplace that you had an absolute blast working with? Why did you fall out of touch?

Genuine friendships are something that don’t come along every day, so when you feel like you really connect with someone, don’t let that slip away.

Almost everyone has a social media account these days, so it’s really easy to get in touch with old friends, and there really is nothing to lose—if you do decide to catch up and realize you no longer share the commonalities you once did, there’s no real harm done.

Re-imagine your working life

Work is a major part of our lives and if we’re not happy at work, we need to change it up. While you shouldn’t necessarily throw in the towel and resign from your job before you have a plan for how you’ll pay the bills, there’s no harm in exploring your options.

If could involve applying for a role in another area of your current organization, looking for a similar role in a different organization that offers a world of new opportunities, or reskilling in a new industry by completing a course like these fitness courses in Melbourne.

Whatever option you think will work best for you, making a few small changes in your life could

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