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Advice If You Are Thinking About Moving to Atlanta

We moved to Georgia a little over six years ago and it was quite the adjustment when we first lived here! Coming from the northern coast, not only was it a culture shock… but it was also a financial change! There are so many things I wish people would have shared with me before we moved across country and I am going to share some tips for moving to Atlanta with you today!

 Moving Costs

Depending on how you decide to move to Atlanta, do some research on the most cost-effective ways to move. I highly recommend doing some decluttering so you can reduce the overall number of items that you are going to move. Price compare moving companies and look at their reviews. If you are moving from another state and to Atlanta, you need to also keep in mind that there are several costs when it comes to setting up your utilities and vehicle registration. Many of the utility companies and cable/internet companies in Atlanta ask for deposits and installation fees. Georgia also charges an ad valorem tax when you register a new vehicle or transfer a vehicle registration to Georgia… this is a big up-front cost that many people are unaware of until they need to pay it. SO before you decide to make the move, going over all of the moving costs and try to find a way to make it work for your budget.

Housing Costs

Atlanta is massive and broken up into three sections, so depending which area you decide to move… housing costs are going to vary. Take a look at the different areas of Atlanta to decide which one suits your lifestyle. The center of Atlanta has many apartment buildings, townhouses, lofts and condos. If you move further outside the city, you will find neighborhoods and subdivisions that have houses with yards. Again, the area you move is going to depend on your budget and your lifestyle. If you are curious about the price range, the average cost of a rental in Atlanta is $1,462, according to research by Zumper. Wherever you decide to move in Atlanta, you are always going to find good shops, restaurants and entertainment in your area!


There is no nice way to say this to anyone that has never driven in Atlanta, but… wow the traffic is insane here! There are a lot of people that commute in this area and the traffic can be quite overwhelming if you are not familiar with driving in the city. Be prepared to thoroughly research your work commute when deciding where you want to move in Atlanta. While the GPS could say your work is only 10 miles from your new home… that drive could take over an hour during the rush hour traffic depending where you live! The public transportation system in Atlanta is run by MARTA. It runs an extensive system of buses and trains which cover the majority of the city and its attractions. If this is something you would consider instead of driving, a monthly ticket to ride MARTA unlimited is $95.



Moving can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Just make sure you are well planned, and you do your research when deciding to move to Atlanta. There are so many fun and amazing places in Georgia, if you decide to make the move here, I can say in full confidence that you will not regret it. You are also only a few hours from several other states that have unbelievable tourist attraction. I fell in love with this place the moment we crossed the border into Georgia, and I could not imagine living anywhere else!

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