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A Simple Way To Eat From Your Favorite Restaurant At Home

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Whenever a special day comes around (such as my birthday or Mother’s Day) people always assume that I want to go out for dinner to celebrate. Honestly, the older the more I just enjoy being at home and enjoying a meal together where we don’t have to worry about a kid getting to rambunctious…. we don’t have to worry about messes… we don’t have to worry about spending too much time there… we can simply relax and be ourselves! Plus going out to eat as a family of 6 can get pretty darn expensive if you make a habit out of it, that is why I would much rather order takeout and have it delivered to my door! Whether you want to celebrate a special day, or simply have four kids like myself and don’t want the trouble of bringing them all out to dinner… you can still enjoy your favorite restaurant meals right from home.

Gone are the days of being stuck with the same old handful of places that will deliver you food, now you actually have the option of your favorite meals being delivered to you from the restaurant that you know and love! Eight years ago, the people that created Postmates (at the time) realized, there was no solution to the problem of having a limited selection of restaurants that delivered. They knew that it was nearly impossible to get your favorite restaurants and local retailers delivered quickly. So they built a technology company! People must have truly agreed with them because Postmates now has more than 500,000 fleet members (they call them Postmates), 600,000 merchants (the most selection in the US) and they serve 80% of US Households across all 50 states. Postmates connects customers with local couriers who can deliver nearly anything from your favorite restaurant or retailer in minutes.

A Simple Way To Eat From Your Favorite Restaurant At Home

The first time I used the Postmates website my jaw nearl dropped to the ground, literally every single one of my favorite food places was listed on there! My only trouble with the website was narrowing it down to one location! From your favorite fast food places, to your mom and pop restaurant… all the options are there. This website has truly been a lifesaver on several occasions. As a mom of four and a very busy baby always on my hip… some nights I dread dinner time because I am too exhausted to cook and clean up the mess. I can let all that stress go somedays and just place an order online to a fast food place (because otherwise I would have dragged all my kids through the drive-thru and that can be an event all in itself… The kids get their faorite happy meals, and mom can finally rest, until its time to get them ready for bed time that is, haha!

My husband and I also don’t quite feel comfortable leaving our baby with a sitter yet, but also don’t want to bring her out to a restaurant because she is a very vocal baby. On a few occassions we have ordered very nice meals from our favorite dating spots and enjoyed a lovely dinner at home… date nights at home have become something I very much look forward to now!

There are so many ways that Postmates can save the day and if you are ready to give them a try, then you are going to love this deal they have going on for new members. Use Promo Code FOODMATES and you will get $100 off Postmates Delivery Fees. Again this is for new members only.

Download the iOS ( or Android ( app and give Postmates a try today!

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