A Quick Guide to Camping With Family

The beginning of the year can be filled with highs and lows. On the one hand you may feel motivated with your new year’s resolutions and the goals you might have set yourself. On the other side of the argument you may feel cold and down in the dumps because the weather isn’t too great and there is always that blue feeling you get after Christmas. So it may come as no surprise to you that January is the perfect time to not only focus on your personal goals, but also the plans you have for the year ahead. What better time is there than to plan those all-important vacations you are going to take. It really gives you something to look forward to and a chance to focus your mind on some positive things.

A Quick Guide to Camping With Family

Camping is one of those vacations that you either love or hate. I do think that camping presents the perfect opportunity for quality family time, while doing activities that the children will love as well as adults. It’s the perfect mix of home life, while enjoying the great outdoors. Another plus point to this vacation is the travel element. You don’t need to travel too far at all to enjoy a camping vacation. So as it seems to be such a popular choice among many families today, I thought I would share with you a quick guide all about camping. I hope you find it informative and helpful.

Where should you go?

One of the first big decisions would be to decide where you are wanting to go and camp. Many tourist hotspots have campsites all ready and waiting for you. With pitches perfect for your tent and party, as well as some offering wash facilities, toilets and even electric hook ups should you need them. As mentioned earlier you can travel as near or as far as you want to and just doing a quick Google search of the area should highlight your campsite possibilities. You could even consider jumping on a plane with all your gear and camping in another country, although maybe try that when you have become a more seasoned camper. You may want to pack every possible thing with you which makes the benefit of traveling in your car much more appealing. This way you can always have that back up of items, should you need them. It’s also handy for taking your own food, depending on where you decide to camp you may not have any bars or restaurants close by, so you will always need to pack some essentials to keep you going.

A Quick Guide to Camping With Family

What size tent should you go for?

In easy terms, when it comes to choosing a tent you are looking at the tent berth, which basically specifies how many people you can realistically sleep in your tent. A two berth, for example, will be a two man tent, a four berth will be a four man tent, and so on. But this is based on luggage. So it’s important to understand what capacity of space you will need.For families, you may want to try and choose a cabin tent on the bigger side, so you have the space to accommodate your clothing, changing area and also ample amount of space to sleep. Plus, if you are camping with small children it will enable you to have some space to unwind in the evening when everyone else is asleep.You can read more reviews on cabin tent at

What else do you need?

Of course, it isn’t just about having a tent and your change of clothes with you. has some modest recommendations that you can check out. There is some other equipment you may want to consider packing up for your big camping trip. This might be some of the mod cons you can’t live without if you have an electric hook up, like a hair dryer, kettle or toaster. Perhaps you may want to think more about the cooking equipment you are bringing so you can cook up meals. Then it’s worth considering things like dutch oven equipment or something similar. You may need to consider packing other pots and pan, utensils and things like a tin opener, to make life a little easier when cooking some meals. Matches, lighters and torches will also come in handy as you lose the daylight.

Other things to consider would be your sleeping arrangements. So this might involve blow up mattresses and sleeping bags, even travel pillows and extra blankets if it happens to be cold. You might also want to bring with you ear plugs, nature can be a little noisy at times. Also there are other factors to consider such as packing medications like painkillers and a first aid kit, along with sun cream and antibacterial gel.

What activities can you do during a camping trip?

There is plenty to do on a camping trip. The first big challenge would be setting up your camp for the vacation. This will take longer than you expect, so make sure you involve the whole family so that no one is left out. Camping means enjoying the great outdoors, so take along things like your bikes, a football or some other form of sport like tennis rackets and a frisbee. It’s also important to ensure that you enjoy your surroundings, so head out on walks and really capturing as much as the scenery as possible. Booking a camping trip means that you may already be staying in a heritage site or national park, so the chances are there should be something touristy you can do. This might be train rides, museums or specific nature trails to hike along that you can enjoy enjoy.

A Quick Guide to Camping With Family

Above all else young children can get a little bored from time to time, especially as the novelty can wear off. So it might be handy to pack a portable DVD player and let them have some downtime in the tent, along with things like sticker and coloring books, they can all help pass the time and allow the family to relax.

Finally, try and enjoy the experience. It isn’t everyday you get to truly relax in the great outdoors. All that fresh air is good for the whole family, and while it may strike you as being an energetic holiday, it can also be rather relaxing.

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