A Primer on How to Teach Your Dog to Howl

Anxiety, strange sounds, sending a warning, or sending a signal to other dogs are among reasons that can make your dog howl. You, however, may not have heard your dog give out that howl and need to teach it how to. You can play a musical instrument, howl yourself, or play a video of dogs howling to train your dog.

In this guide, you will get the steps and tips to start the training session.

1)            Put On a Video of Dogs Howling

Training your dog how to howl requires you to use several techniques. There is no one-size-fits-all routine that will work with every breed. You can try some ideas on how to teach your dog to howl and finally get one that can make the training effective.

You can start by playing a video of dogs howling in front of your furry friend to see if it will howl back. There are several videos online on platforms like YouTube that have dogs howling. You can try other videos with different animals making sounds, and your dog may respond by howling.

2)            Wait For a Howl From Your Dog

You can choose to wait for your dog to howl and start the training through reinforcement. There may be a dog nearby that can howl and your dog responds in turn. A strange voice in the neighborhood can cause your pal to howl.

Once you hear the howl, you need to reinforce the behavior. You can do so by clapping, cuddling, or offering a treat that you give to it when you want to encourage good behavior. Once the dog notices you appreciate it while it howls, it will start doing it more often.

3)            Play a Musical Instrument

Certain sounds can cause your dog to howl, and you can only tell if it can, by playing them out. You can get a musical instrument like a harmonica and play it in your dog’s presence. You might find the pet responding to the sound by howling, and you can take the cue to encourage the behavior.

4)            Howl Yourself to Make the Dog Mimic You

If your dog is inclined to mimic whatever you do, then howling at it can make it howl back. As you play, you can let out that howling sound, and in turn, the dog will follow suit. However, if the pet does not mimic you, there is no need to force it.

5)            Tell the Dog to Howl As a Command

After using different ideas and achieving results, you can start commanding your dog to howl. As your dog howls, give it the command “howl!” It may not work immediately, and you, therefore, need to keep practicing until it gets the cue.

When training your dog any command, consistency is vital to help the pet relate easily each time you give the order. Every time you give the command as the dog howls, it will eventually link the command with the howling. After this, you only need to be giving the command, and it will howl back.

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