A Career in Sports Doesn’t Have To Mean Becoming an Athlete

When people think about a career in sports, most of the time they’re going to think about becoming an athlete and participating in the game. However, a career in sport doesn’t always have to revolve around playing. There are countless different opportunities to consider in the world of sports. Whether you’re thinking of a career change or want to encourage your child to consider different kinds of opportunities in the sporting world, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the alternatives available.

Don’t just focus on salaries–focus on the opportunities available

One of the biggest problems when it comes to sporting salaries is that players are usually paid a huge amount of money compared to other roles. For example, a coach might not be paid nearly as much as the players themselves, and there are other roles within sporting organizations that pay a general office wage. Despite being crucial to the overall operation of sporting competitions and events, players are the stars of the show and are paid accordingly.

When you look up something like Rory Mcliroy’s salary or how much a world-class Olympic athlete is paid, you’ll notice that many of their opportunities are based on their performance. They need to put in a lot of hard work into their sport and train consistently to ensure they are competitive. This does mean that some competitors might fall off after a season or two, meaning that their salary will be drastically reduced because they’re not performing well. This can put a lot of pressure on players and it might not be the type of career that you or your children want.

Instead, you can consider other less demanding roles. For example, the sports industry is always in need of trainers, athletic directors, therapists, medical assistants, and even psychologists. There are so many different roles in sports that it can be easy to forget just how diverse the entire industry is and how important some of these positions are when it comes to keeping athletes fit and healthy.

In short, if you want to help your kids embrace sports and the career opportunities around it, don’t just focus on becoming a player. If your child really loves a certain sport but would prefer a more supportive role such as becoming a therapist or training assistant, then that’s a perfectly valid option for a career. Likewise, if you love photography and have plenty of experience in the field but also love sports, then becoming a sports photographer is also a great option for switching your career. With so many opportunities out there, it’s a good idea to stop focusing on how much the players make and instead look at the dozens of different roles available.

Creating content around your favorite sports

These days, you can turn almost anything that you love into a fully-fledged career via content creation. People love to learn more about their favourite sports and they love to read and listen to news surrounding it. Humans are curious creatures and we love to gain new knowledge about the topics we love. That’s why there are so many opportunities for content creation in the sporting industry. This is a fantastic way for people to express themselves with a creative outlet while still linking it to a passion such as sports.

For example, there are many sports news websites out there that are constantly hiring content creators. Whether it’s writers to create editorial pieces or video producers to make interesting highlight videos, there are so many different opportunities out there for in-house content creation placements. But there are also opportunities for solo creators that just want to make interesting content at home and upload it to their blog or YouTube.

Monetizing your own content can be a little more challenging and it’s essentially freelance work, meaning you’re not going to get a consistent salary. Instead, you’ll be working with different sports and getting paid to create content now and then for other websites. It’s a little more difficult to get started, but it’s actually one of the best ways to start out a career in sports content creation since you’re building up a portfolio that you can use for future career opportunities.

Content creation is just one example of how you can turn existing skills or passions into something that relates to sports and allows you to make a living off your own hard work. It’s a great example of how to build a career in sports without needing to become a player or become directly involved with the sport itself.

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