9 Tactics to Create Both SEO and User-friendly Content for Your Website

It is high time that content developers are serious about creating website content which is not only a search engine favorable but also its content holds significant value for its readers. What is usually done is that in the race to win over the search engines and gain the highest possible rankings content developers create content which is too much stuffed with keywords making the language used in the content unintelligible for the readers to comprehend. You can be sure that if there are insufficient keywords in your content than the search engines will never give you an appropriate rank and you can lose all hope of your readers finding you. But if you follow the norm and stuff your content with keyword turning an excellent piece of hard work into utter rubbish which can get a better score than before because of the keywords stuffed here and there throughout the content, your readers do not gain any  benefit from reading it. It’s a lose-lose situation for all.

Here,  At provides you with some tips and tricks that can help you create a SEO friendly content which also has the added value for its readers:

  1. Authentic content which is benefitted by the user:

Google is happy with original an authentic content and your readers would like to read content that has beneficial values to them. The key to keeping both of them satisfied is creating a content that has both the qualities.

  1. Avoiding excessive keywords:

Keywords are important for your content from the point of view of search engines as that is what makes you visible on the SERP. But if the amount of keywords stuffed in the content is not controlled it can turn into utter gibberish. So for the sake of your loyal readers avoid stuffing your content with keywords.

  1. Up-to-date data:

A fresh and up-to-date content is loved by the search engines as well as your readers. A stagnant content loses the rankings at the SERP faster than the readers lose interest in your stale content.

  1. Length of the content:

If you are keeping the length of the content too short then there are not enough chances to incorporate the keywords intelligently along with providing enough information on the topic. If your content is too lengthy then you can add enough keywords but stand a chance to bore the readers. The key is to have an optimized length which has a right number of keywords and sufficient and appropriate information.

  1. Start the content with important information first:

The most important factor that pulls your readers and sticks them on your website is the engaging factor of the content. Te best way to immediately engage the reader is to start the content with important information first.

  1. Easy access:

Be ready to lose out on your user if they are not easily able to access what they are looking for. Keeping them hooked by playing peek-a-boo with the information they want won’t be able to hold them to your website for long.

  1. Provide links to additional information:

The users like whatever additional information they get about a topic they are searching and the search engines like external links. So to keep both of them happy provide links in your website which will lead to additional information.

  1. Use bulleting wherever applicable in the content:

A neat and clean content is loved by all. Bulleting helps to make your points more clear and understandable to the reader. Hence use them wherever applicable throughout the content.

  1. Show your humane side:

Attach a face and name to your content to which the readers can relate as the developer of the content. This increases the trust factor and shows off your humane side to the users of the website.

Developing a content which keeps both the readers as well as the search engine algorithms happy can be an overwhelming job but not impossible. Make sure to check out a London SEO expert success story you’ll never believe!

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