10 tips to make blog a content marketing magnet

10 tips to make blog a content marketing magnet

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creation and sharing of online material like blogs, videos or posts that does not promote a brand but creates an awareness and interest about its products and services. Today is the time of internet marketing? Internet is easily accessible even from cellular phones so any content posted there reaches more quickly and to a wide range of audience. It is also cheaper source of advertising and also helps to do the work more creatively. It helps in achieving new horizons of business opportunity with increased levels of profit.

Using social media for ones success is an art which involves high levels of creativity and skill. Services of experts can be availed to make your presence felt on the social media networking sites. Blogs should be optimized so that when searched they appear before non- optimized sites and hence are more into notice of the viewers.

Content marketing can enhance the profit of the company so it should be used in the best possible way. Here are the ten tips to make your blog a content marketing magnet, like the blogs at

1] Build a strong blogging foundation to support your content marketing– A blog needs to have strong building foundation in order to make the blog a strong center for content marketing. One of the most critical things is uses of its own URL. The best option is to have self hosted URL rather option such Blogger or WordPress.

2] Know your audience– For any advertising you should always know your target audience so the customer centric approach can be used. Marketing personas can be used to reach your target audience and know about their habit of consumption and their social media proclivities. If the consumer to your product is varied then making more than one blog should be considered.

3] Develop your content marketing plan– Firstly plan your organizations marketing events for the year. Proper usage of public holidays and seasons should be made. The main idea is to create hooks around which content is to be developed.

4] Optimize content to increase effectiveness– Once a blog has been created steps should be taken to enhance its attractiveness. T he presentation of the blog should be such that it does not lets its readers to lose their interest. This can be achieved by ways of colors, text, presentation, use of pictures or photographs etc. The blog should be easy to read by the viewers.

5] Plan your content promotion– Only making an interesting blog is not sufficient, steps should be taken so that it reaches its target audience. To promote your blog you need to incorporate automatic blog content delivery. The readers should receive your blog by means of emails or posts without even having asked for it. Having a share button in your blog also helps in its promotion, as in the first reader can then share it with its viewers also.

6] Allocate resources to your blog– Resources are needed to make your blog heart of content marketing. There are a variety of resources needed to are content creation to develop idea, editorial to check whether correct information has been passed or not, creative to ensure usage of apt picture and image, marketing to ensure the blog has reached its targeted customer or not.These resources could be internal or external.

7] Track content marketing results– Tracking the results are very essential. It is important to measure your results and analyze the benefit of social advertising. The content media is actually helping you to increase the sale proceeds and in return earning huge benefits or not is to be looked into.

8] The blog should be interesting, homely and innovative– The blog should be easy to understand yet creative. It should be innovative yet homely and interesting to keep the readers hooked to it and help the businesses realize benefit and earn huge profits.

9] Focus on a key idea– I n a blog there should be force but it should be focused. I t should not mislead the viewers. It should focus on one key idea and let the viewers hold their attention on it only. Several breakups can be a part of a big idea but the whole energy should be directed towards on main point only.

10] Have strong, distinct and clear ideas– You could be inspired by someone else’s work, but copying the work is not a good idea. I f your ideas are unique and strong, your writing will excel.

With the above tips and your passion nothing could stop from your content writing to become heart of marketing.

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