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9 Ideas On How To Decorate And Use A Bay Window

Bay windows are a popular and timeless feature that can enrich any home. They are often found in older houses, but their popularity means that they are also frequently installed in new builds. However, due to their size and shape, it can often be challenging to know how best to use the space and the beautiful natural light bay windows bring to a room. 

It can take some imagination and trial and error to get the most out of a bay window. Here are some different ways to decorate and use the space and make a gorgeous addition to your home. 

Add Seating

Seating is one of the classic ways to decorate and use a bay window. You can build in an upholstered window seat to make your bay window the perfect area for sitting and watching the world go by. You can also incorporate lots of comfortable symmetric cushions to bring the space together and make the ideal cosy seating area. 

If your bay window is floor to ceiling windows, then you could add a comfortable chair to the space, or even a small sofa if you have room. It may help to measure the bay window to get a clear idea of the space you have to work with. 

Build In Storage

You can make use of the space below the windows as storage by getting built to fit storage. This could be in the form of drawers, shelves or a lidded container. This can be a great way to reduce the clutter in a room and use some of the negative space that a bay window can create. 

Create A Space For Your Pets

You could use the bay window area to create the perfect nook for your pets. This is particularly useful if your bay window is too small for making a comfortable space for humans to sit. You could create a cosy alcove and fill it with bedding, blankets and toys. You could also decorate the area to suit your pet, with cat or dog patterned wallpaper. 

Find The Right Blinds 

Blinds can be a perfect fit for bay windows, as they offer timeless elegance that matches the inherent style of bay windows. However, finding blinds for a bay window can be a challenge. They are often tricky spaces to fill, so you might need to find bespoke blinds. Check out this guide on how to measure blinds from Make My Blind to help you find the right blinds for any window. 

It is also important to capitalise on the natural light that bay windows provide, so you should ensure that whatever blinds you choose will accommodate the natural light, as well as block it out when you need it to.

Put In Shelving For A Reading Nook

You could add shelving around the sides and bottom of a bay window to create your own mini library. Couple this with a comfortable chair or inbuilt seating, and you have the perfect reading nook. The natural light will make it a perfect space to spend hours reading, and you can add blankets and plants to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. 

Make It A Dining Booth

You can use the unique shape of a bay window by turning it into a diner-style booth. You will need to have enough space to fit a table and upholstered seating. You can choose a foldable round table to make even more space in your dining room and have additional chairs for when you’re hosting guests. 

Add A Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are a quirky, fun addition to your home décor. They can be a perfect way to use the space in a bay window, as they will fit perfectly. You could select an egg-shaped hanging chair that will make a comfortable space to sit and relax. You can fill this chair with cushions and blankets to create the perfect pod to escape the outside world. 

It is essential to choose high quality hanging chairs to ensure that they are safe to use. They should always be installed correctly, and if you are unsure, it is best to get a professional to install them. 

Use Dramatic Curtains

You could use long, sweeping curtains at the outer edge of your bay window to create a dramatic focal point to the room. These should be ceiling to floor curtains that you can gather at both sides of the window. 

Heavy curtains can be ideal for blocking out the light when you need to relax or sleep in a room with bay windows. You can also use them to close off the outside world from your bay window nook, creating a perfect hiding spot to relax in. Curtains on the outer edge of a bay window can also be a great way to conserve energy, particularly if your bay windows are not very energy efficient. 

Turn It Into A Dressing Area

Making your bay window space into a dressing area can be ideal due to the natural light. You could consider putting in a dressing table with a large mirror, where you can apply makeup and jewellery in the glow of the natural light. 

You could also use the space to add a full-length mirror. This will give you the perfect spot to look over your outfits and decide what to wear. It may help to use light netted curtains for privacy, if using your bay window as a dressing area. 

The Bottom Line

Bay windows are beautiful additions to any home. Even leaving them simple and bare can be an excellent design choice, as the natural light they provide can bring a lot to a room. However, if you want to get a bit more creative, then there are countless options to choose from, from a classic reading nook to creating a dramatic focal point for the room. 

The use you make of your bay window will also depend largely on the room it is located in. Again, it may help to experiment with different uses to decide which will work best for you. 

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