7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Dog

Introducing a dog into your family is a rewarding experience, but you need to think long and hard before buying one so you don’t end up having to give them to a shelter. Here are 7 things you need to take into account before you get a dog.

1. How much time you have

Whilst the amount of maintenance your dog requires depends on the type of dog you choose, every dog requires lots of time to be taken for walks, fed and cared for. As such, it’s important that you consider whether you have the time to look after a dog before you buy one.

2. The amount of money you’re willing to spend

Owning a dog is an expensive business, with food, toys, grooming products and veterinary care all needing to be taken into account. Think long and hard about whether or not you have the money to own a dog or if you’re better off simply borrowing one from a friend when you want a canine cuddle then giving it back.

3. The area you live in

It’s important that you think about where you live and whether it’s a safe neighborhood for a dog. If it’s very noisy, or you live near a busy road, then a dog might not be the best for you as they don’t like lots of noise and could develop behavioral issues if kept in an area that’s not right for them. Think hard about the area you live in and if it’s suitable before you buy a four-legged friend.

4. Your home

Keeping any animal is a messy business, so if you are house proud then pet ownership probably isn’t for you. Equally, if your home isn’t clean then it could be harboring pests, so you should make sure that you clean your space and rid it of any trace of fleas, ticks, or other insects before you even think about buying a dog. Work with a dedicated pest control company like Aswatona Pest Control to ensure your space is fit and ready before you look for a dog to add to your family.

5. The people you live with

It’s always tempting to simply decide to buy a dog then go out and do it, but you have to think about everyone else you live with. You might love dogs, but if your kids are scared of them, or your housemate is allergic, then a dog isn’t the best option. Buying a pet just for yourself will result in an unhappy household, so communicate with everyone you live with before you make this life-changing decision.

6. The breed of dog you want

Each breed of dog has a different personality and maintenance requirement, so it’s important that you choose the breed of dog that suits your requirements. Make sure you do your research and find the perfect pet for you and your lifestyle.

7. Your future

Depending on a variety of factors, your dog could live for up to 15 years, so you need to think about where you’ll be in the future. Make sure that you know you’ll still be willing and able to care for a dog in the long-term before you make the commitment.

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