7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog LoversIt’s easy to shop for gifts for dog lovers. They like it when they receive regular gifts intended for human use, but they appreciate gifts for their beloved canines just as well. Send both your human and dog friends lots of love this Christmas by giving them gifts that they can enjoy together.

  1. 1. Tennis ball holder

Playing fetch is an activity that both dogs and dog owners look forward to, but it has one slightly icky part: holding a wet and slobbery tennis ball. You can completely skip this step by using a tennis ball holder. This nifty tennis ball holder picks up and stores small- and medium-sized tennis balls, keeping them in place with a magnetic clasp. This gadget can be attached to your dog’s leash or your bag so you can take it everywhere you go.

  1. Custom dog collars

Handmade and personalized dog collars are sure to win you best friend of the year. A collar that’s hand-sewn and hand-cut to the exact measurements of the dog will surely be appreciated by any dog lover. For this gift, you need to find a company that specializes in made-to-order dog collars. If you want to make it extra special, you can also throw in a buckle that holds the dog owner’s contact information. In addition to a customized fit, you can also personalize the design of the collar, like its colors, style, width, base material, and even its leash.

  1. Subscription to Dognition

There is always that one friend who swears that his or her dog understands everything. This Christmas, give them a big treat with a subscription to Dognition. This program uses real science to measure the cognitive strengths, behavior, and motivation of dogs. A subscription includes a series of games that reveal how dogs see the world and shed light on what goes on inside that cute little brain of theirs.

  1. The Secret Language of Dogs

This book by Victoria Stilwell shares valuable insight on how to improve your relationship with your dog. It discusses communication and how to understand the visual and vocal cues dogs make, which can help owners understand them better.

  1. Dog walking bag

You must have heard dog owners say that having a dog is like having a child. And in a way, it’s true — just look at all the gear pet owners lug around for their daily walk! Carrying so many things outdoors can be a pain, but you can deal with it by using a dedicated dog walking bag. Ideally, a bag for such a purpose should have a slew of pockets to store everything that a dog needs: treats, toys, a water bottle, even poop bags. Also, it does not hurt if it can accommodate human accessories like keys, a wallet, and smartphone. Get one for your disorganized friend and be an instant life-saver!

  1. Mutt mitt

Picking up dog poop is the ultimate test of love, but everyone does it because it’s part of taking care of a dog. It will never be a sweet task, but it can be more bearable with a mutt mitt. This poop bag is two-ply, puncture proof, biodegradable, and spacious. It is always a welcome addition to any dog lover’s walking bag.

  1. Turdlebag

How many times have you seen your friends walking their dog on one hand and holding a smelly poop bag on the other? It certainly shows that the person is a responsible dog owner and neighbor, but it’s not pleasing to the eye. Come to the rescue and solve this annoying problem by giving them a turdlebag. This leash attachment conveniently holds poop bags and keeps the smell contained until a garbage can is in sight. Bonus: it comes with a poop bag dispenser!

These gifts not only look pretty, they’ll also make life easier for your human friend and their beloved canines. Which of these gifts will your friends love best?

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