5 Ways to Help Your Spouse to Overcome Addiction

Marrying an addict is like dying a hundred times daily. The agony of witnessing your lover in that state and having him torture you mentally and physically is nothing compared to that. Leaving them in that condition may be the easiest way out of these problems, but staying with them, acknowledging addiction, and helping them get out of it is hard. But once you achieve it, no one will be more satisfied than you.

You can save them and your marriage by learning the ways to convince your spouse to overcome addiction. And in this article, we will help you with five ways of doing that. Before that, let us see the sign of substance abuse in a marriage.

Signs Of Substance Abuse In a Marriage

Each couple has a unique history. Some of the spouses know before marrying that their partner has this problem. In contrast, others are surprised after marriage by seeing its extent. If you are still unaware that your partner is an addict, then look for the following signs of substance abuse in him.

  • The disappearance of money and valuable things from the house
  • You will find drugs and other such substances hidden inside your home
  • They will be too outgoing
  • Lies and broken promises, especially regarding substance abuse behavior
  • Not caring about children and you while intoxicated
  • Having problems at work
  • Health problems like chronic caught, liver issues, and sores that take too long to heal
  • A drastic change in their personality

Suppose you already are noticing these signs in your partner. In that case, you must contact an addiction treatment center like Delphi Health Group for professional help. Also, start applying the following five strategies to save yourself, your partner, and your marriage from the destruction of this monster.

Stop Denying the Truth

Living in denial is the worst thing you can do in such situations. Turning a blind eye to something to make yourself feel fine will only add to the problems. Addiction is a more serious issue than you can think, so treat it like one. Stop making a fool of yourself and acknowledge it because that is the first step towards helping your partner. You can only begin to look for strategies to heal your spouse’s condition once you recognize that they have one.

Understand how Mind of an Addict Works

Try to understand how addiction works. You may be upset about your spouse’s irresponsible behavior or putting you and your children’s lives in danger, but this is not him doing all this. An addict who is high on any drugs is not in his control. How ethical it may seem, addiction is not that simple process. It is the combined result of mental, emotional, and physical conditions. A person finds himself so helpless that he gets addicted to intoxicants. 

Addiction is so challenging to overcome. It takes hold of the brain and controls mind functions like memory, critical thinking, decision-making ability, risk-taking, and many more. Maybe your spouse is willing to stop; their brain and body make it pretty challenging. Once you understand how the brain of an addict works, it will get easier to overcome addiction.

Set Limits

We know you love him and understand his state of mind but setting firm boundaries is as beneficial for him as for you and your kids. Make it very clear to your spouse that there is a specific limit beyond which he cannot act. For instance, do not let him use drugs at home or anywhere near you or your children. You can also inform him not to come near you and your children while intoxicated and not bring his addiction partners home. 

It is not that easy to stop an addict from doing all this, but here you have to be very strong and imply the consequences in case of evasion.

Don’t let him Feel Unloved

We know it looks impossible to be kind to your husband while he is practically a threat to you and your children. But if you will be a bit patient in this situation, you can help him make a better life for you. Your care and kindness will motivate him to get out of the trap of addiction. Share with him your concerns politely and listen to him more than you ever had. Also, tell him repeatedly that you are by his side no matter what, but he also has to try hard for you. The more he can trust you, the greater are the chances of him achieving sobriety.

Encourage him For The Treatment

Once he knows that you want him back, start encouraging him for the treatment. Show him examples and tell him that he can have an everyday healthy life too. Start researching with him the best rehabilitation centers near you. Once the treatment starts, things will get more challenging initially, but now you have to support him more than ever.  

Final Words

There are chances of relapses initially, but once he is entirely out of this circle of destruction, your life will get normal. Even after the treatment, you have to bond with him to return to you instead of drugs in bad times.

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