5 Ways Start-ups Can Make Things Easier In The Pursuit Of Success

To run a startup is to welcome challenge, for a variety of reasons. A startup won’t have a large operating budget, a large workforce, infrastructure they can call their own (perhaps not even an office to begin with), and certainly not brand recognition.

For this reason, it’s important to see exactly how a startup, operating with such a limited scope and with so much competition, can make things easier for themselves. The website Jonathon Spire says, there’s absolutely no reason to think that as a startup, putting unnecessary obstacles in your path is going to somehow help you grow or lead you to performing better.  This doesn’t mean you should cheat, or consider measures like ‘essential compliance’ to be optional while you strive to compete, but it does mean that knowing how to spend, what goals to pursue and what you can do without is key.

But how are you supposed to identify this approach? We cannot provide you with direct specifics because these measures can depend based on the kind of industry you’re part of, and what product or service you’re offering. In this post, we’ll help you get started with principles that tend to work for most small businesses.

With that in mind, please consider:

eCommerce Fulfilment

eCommerce Fulfillment is the practice of third party businesses organizing, storing, packaging, and delivering the goods you sell. They add a level of professionalism to this process that a startup may not be able to handle themselves, or even have the inventory space to manage in the first place.

For instance, many eCommerce companies starting out may bring in product from the port of Long Beach, which will require intensive tracking, management and logistical prowess to send elsewhere, especially with how much the concentration of sales comes from Los Angeles right now. Small businesses should also consider utilizing a boutique fulfilment company like Shipbots, as they are more aware of the needs of smaller businesses and how online firms operate in 2021, giving you more flexibility as an online brand.

SEO Care

SEO is something that major firms compete in, and a practice that search engines like Google continually maintain in order to make sure that the best results are given to their users. 

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization,’ which is the practice of formatting your web page, building backlinks, and raising the web authority of your site so that it is naturally ranked higher in the listings, to the point where someone is most likely to see your brand first. Or, at the very least, your brand should be applied to the first page of search engine results, because people very rarely look at those further on from that.

Using an SEO firm can be an essential means of achieving this aim. But you can also go some of the way yourself. Running a blog for your business with helpful advice and commentary on industry news can help, for instance, especially if it’s well written and lightly formatted with keywords relating to your practice and location. Taking a healthy interest in how your search presence is performing can aid you in managing this for the future.

Organizational Software & Automation

Organizing a business is far from a simple task, and neither is the management of daily workflow. CRM software curated for your business can help with this can help with this. Running an online storefront, for instance, can be aided with software that tracks your inventory and helps you track when it has transitioned to the eCommerce center.

Certain automated or uniformly applied timesavers can also be helpful. For instance, curating the documents of your business in a shared cloud file, serving as templates with your headers and footers showcasing official documentation of your firm, can help you avoid having to construct that each and every time, and it allows your startup to gain more legitimacy than it may have otherwise experienced. That in itself can be useful.

Leverage Social Media

Leverage social media apps to the degree that you can, and you’ll no doubt see just how much free marketing you can get out of online influencing. For instance, posting to apps like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can help you make use of the ‘sharing’ capacities of posts. If they’re funny, interesting or useful, people will care for your content and will naturally share it, which ultimately leads to brand recognition.

It might be that you post a 2,000-word article on how sustainability in your industry is essential, why it’s stagnated, and what good firms (oh look, perhaps a firm like yours), intends to do about it. Post that, hashtagged in the right circles, and you’ll most likely find yourself with a more competent social media footprint worth keeping in mind, worth sharing, and worth appreciating. If one person shares that post, it might hit the timeline of another, which will share it further. It’s perfectly possible for one post to been seen by someone in every continent with minor success. This is why more and more companies are focusing on social media competence, and even larger firms are starting to emulate the tone of irreverent online posting as necessary.

Outsource If You Can

A startup cannot complete all things at all times, and that, unfortunately, leaves them at a tough disadvantage. For this reason, it’s essential to outsource from time to time. Working with freelancers can be very useful and may apply worth to your firm that you may not have the ability to.

Perhaps, for instance, your firm can’t afford to hire a full-blown marketing entity to take you from start to finish in unveiling your startup. But perhaps you can work with a freelance graphic designer to cultivate your logo, website and social media banners. That outsourcing attempt will provide you with the rights and usage licenses for such imagery, giving you professional development first and foremost, while also offsetting the lack of those skills in your skeleton crew.

With this advice, you’ll have made things easier for yourself in the pursuit of success. Good luck.

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