5 Tips to using technology to baby proof your home

Your home’s interior design, as superb as it may be, may be hazardous to your baby. Babies are curious, rendering them to serious danger, so it is up to you to make sure your home is baby proofed. Although, baby proofing your house may not completely keep your baby safe, try your best to make it as risk-free as possible. You can get top-notch baby barrier products at Perma Child Safety Virtual Home™ and use the below tips to safeguard your home for your baby.

  1.       Secure staircases, balconies, and windows

Unsecured balconies, windows, and staircases can be disastrous especially if there is a baby involved. Use baby gates to secure staircases as well as balconies to prevent accidents. As an added safety measure, you can install alarms on doors that lead to the pool or even balcony. Metallic safety guards, window locks and safety glasses can be used to secure windows but optionally, there are some which are made to open a slit or halfway at the top.

  1.       Make sure smoke detectors work

When baby proofing your home, you are making sure that your baby is safe from any kind of danger, be it through their doing or not. So, having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a way of keeping your baby safe. These should be installed in every room and floor of your house and should be checked regularly to ensure they are working. Both battery and electrical powered ones are the best because when one is faulty, the other one can still work.

  1.       Secure faucets and door knobs

Fix door knob covers in order to help keep children away from rooms that pose potential risks to them. Also, door stops can be used to prevent the baby’s fingers from getting hurt while closing the door. For faucets and shower heads, use scald devices that will automatically shut-off the water if it goes beyond the set limit. This will prevent hot water accidents, and to prevent slipping, use non-stick bath mats.

  1.       Consider furniture and anything lidded

TV’s, shelves, and racks, etc. are examples of furniture that pose a threat to kids if not tightly secured. If not mounted on the wall, a TV can be strapped to prevent it from falling. Other pieces like bookcases and armoires can be anchored to the wall with brackets for safety purposes. Also, make sure to have corner protectors for tables and any furniture with sharp ends. Anything with a lid, e.g. toilet seats, litter cans and toy trunks can forcefully slam against a baby’s arm or fingers. Some of these are slow to drop but if not, you can fasten them to other equipment that is insusceptible to babies. 

  1.       Get a professional to inspect

After you have taken all measures to baby proof your home, there may be a few things you have left out or couldn’t get solutions for. It is at this point you source out for a professional opinion. Hire an expert to inspect your work as it gives them a chance to fix for you stuff that you left out or did not get solutions to. It is a good way of cross checking to make sure that your house is fully baby proofed.

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