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5 Tips to Create a Perfect Bedroom for Kids

5 Tips to Create a Perfect Bedroom for Kids

When it comes to decorating the kids room, there are so many imaginative ideas for you to try out. The question is: where to start? Well, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact, so why not try out these budget tips and see the difference it makes to your kid’s room?

1. Chalk board

Kids love to draw, especially with colorful chalks! You can buy chalk board paint from many DIY stores, then paint a section on the bedroom wall or the back of the door. A simpler option is to buy a chalk board easel, which is just as fun. It’s also a good way to brighten up the room or write down reminders (e.g. Tidy your toys away!).

5 Tips to Create a Perfect Bedroom for Kids

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2. Bunting

Spend some time with the kids to make some bunting together. Let them pick out some fabric from the store then set to cutting it into triangles and sewing them onto a long ribbon. You can then stitch on your child’s name, with a letter on each triangle. They’ll love helping you choose where to hang it, seeing their name up for visitors to see and it will give an extra cute factor to the room.

3. Hanging gallery

Creative kids can hang their artwork in their very own art gallery. Simply get some washing line or string, tie it between two screws in the wall overlooking the bed and use washing pegs to attach masterpieces. You could also hang up homework reminders or photographs. This is something that could work in any room in the house!

4. Wall stencils

Take your kid’s interests (cars, places, book/TV characters) and stencil them onto the wall. You can buy ready made ones from various stores or, if you’re confident in your art skills, make your own. You’ll need card, a thick pen, scissors, masking tape, paint and a creative eye!

5. Fun duvet covers

You’d be amazed at how happy a new duvet cover makes a small child! It completely changes the room for them, as it’s what they’re sleeping in. Pink sheets will make girls feel like princesses, cartoon sheets can make kids feel like they’re actually in it — let them pick out their favorites and they’ll thank you forever.

From a lick of paint to a few small additions, every little adds to the charm of a kid’s bedroom.


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